Today's Opinions

  • Vaughan addresses opponent's claims

    Four years ago when I announced my candidacy for Grayson County Sheriff, I presented a detailed plan for positive change.
    I conducted myself in a professional manner, and ran a positive campaign from beginning to end.  This is the type of character that Grayson County Citizens deserve and expect from their elected officials.  
    Unfortunately, everyone does not abide by the same unspoken values. From the very beginning when my opponent announced his candidacy, he has been negative.

  • Carroll incumbents should be replaced

    Economic development isn’t easy, as shown by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ many false starts.
    The Wired Road that was to bring high speed Internet to the citizens was such poor technology that even the schools switched to another provider.
    The 125 jobs promised for Ameripumps haven’t come.
    The Market Village of upscale shops is another metal building and has required additional loans from the county to the lawsuit-threatening developer who continues to miss deadlines.

  • Re-elect Littrell to board of supervisors

    I appreciate this opportunity to share with other citizens of Pipers Gap District why I support Tom Littrell for re‑election to supervisor.
    Littrell is a man that loves his country and takes great pride in Carroll County.
    My husband and I got to know him and through his involvement with the Boy Scouts.
    Our son was a scout in Troop 188 of which Dr. Littrell was scoutmaster. We were amazed at the time, expense and sacrifices that he gave so that Scouts would have opportunities and life experiences.

  • Burnett is best candidate for sheriff

    or Mark Burnett.
    I have known Mark for many years because he worked with my dad who retired with 22 years of service with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office.
    As an officer of the law, you take an oath to protect and serve. Mark has made a career of doing that for each of us.
    In doing so, there have been dangerous situations and time away from his family. During these many years of service he has become very familiar with our county, the roads, and the specific needs of each community.

  • Sheriff brought honor to profession

    Why change sheriffs? We already have the best.
    I write in support of Richard Vaughan continuing in his present position as sheriff of Grayson County. Grayson has really been blessed to have such a qualified sheriff.
    As you remember, Sheriff Vaughan “hit the road running” within weeks of being in his new position on the Freddie Hammer case and he has not slowed down very much since.
    If you are undecided about whom to vote for, I suggest that you go to the web sites of both candidates and your decision will become clear.

  • Vaughan has done commendable job

    As a citizen of Grayson County, it is my belief that Sheriff Richard Vaughan and his department have done a commendable job in providing law enforcement services to the citizens of Grayson County.
    Dean Funk


  • Burnett is the change Grayson needs

    When our dad discussed running for sheriff with the family, we made the unanimous decision to support him wholeheartedly.
    Our dad set the ultimate example for us to follow growing up. He raised us under the logic that as much as God has blessed us, it should be our responsibility to give back to others.
    Our dad is extremely civic minded, spending over half his life in the Galax Volunteer Fire Department while also teaching fire prevention to churches, daycares and schools. If ever there was a more willing volunteer to help others that is our father, Mark Burnett.

  • Grants have benefitted county

    Thinking about November’s election, I have come to the conclusion that Grayson County residents are fortunate to have someone as capable, dedicated and knowledgeable as Richard Vaughan as our sheriff.
    It’s easy to point out many areas in which Sheriff Vaughan excels and where his leadership improves law enforcement in Grayson County.
    His professionalism, integrity, and investigative skills come readily to mind. These are obvious.