Today's Opinions

  • Dwell on the past or stumble towards future

    I am responding to the presidential debate between Clinton and Trump.
    It seems that through the whole debate it comes down to dwell in the past or stumble toward the future.
    Tax the rich is a non-starter. Of all people, Trump, a billionaire, was focusing on what most Americans are concerned about: the economy, federal deficit of $19.5 trillion, American companies going to Mexico, job losses, rules and regulations too tough on businesses to start up.
    There also was this kind of bully attitude shown during the debate.

  • Independent voters look for facts amid sales pitch

    Whenever election time rolls around, a group of us misfits, eccentrics, free thinkers, nonconformists, and independent voters tolerate each other long enough to debate the worlds of politics, hemorrhoid remedies, power manipulation and fertilizer options.
    One of the few agreed-upon points was the fact that we, as minority voters, are not properly represented, or appreciated.

  • Festivals celebrate local character, bring communities together

    It’s that magical time of the year again: the leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, our tasters are set for holiday treats and the streets are lined with vendors, performers and other fun things for families to enjoy just about every weekend.

  • Candidates give up privacy when seeking White House

    Hillary Clinton’s health isn’t a private matter anymore. Neither are her finances.

    Same goes for Donald Trump.

    It’s a fact of life in American politics today that voters expect a level of disclosure that would violate good taste, if not privacy laws, were it expected from anyone other than the men and women who want to be president.

    Too bad; these people are running for the highest office in the land, and that demands the highest level of disclosure.

  • Clinton, Obama beling in 'basket of deplorables'

    Hillary says that half the people who support Trump could be put into what she calls a “basket of deplorables.”
    I guess that shows you who “she” will represent if she becomes president.
    I know it’s not popular nowadays, but I believe in God, and I believe the Bible is His Word.
    Notice that deplorable means, “deserving strong condemnation.” And seeing how God “strongly condemns” what the LGBT community stands for from cover to cover in the Bible.

  • Grayson invests in future of youth

    It’s not often in local government when you can save money by offering people more services.

    But Grayson County has wisely chosen to invest in the future of its youth as both a cost-saving measure and an effort to tackle social issues at the source. The county is being proactive with its at-risk youth and families, rather than responding later when the problems have become more pervasive — and more expensive.

  • Politics has poisoned debate over felon voting

    Since the beginning of the battle about automatically restoring the voting rights of 200,000 Virginia felons, the fight has taken on an unnecessary partisan flavor.

    Republican leaders have pointedly accused Gov. Terry McAuliffe of playing politics with the voting rolls to help Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, essentially calling his articulated motives a lie.

    Virginia is one of only four states that continues to permanently bar felons from enjoying full constitutional rights, a relic of a divisive time in Virginia history.

  • I miss those hills and the baying of the hounds

    In 1939, I was born in Charles Troy Higgins’ house at 211 Painter Street. I always enjoyed Muncey Poole’s articles about him.
    Higgins was chief of police in Galax until 19 May, 1920, when he and other Felts Detectives were gunned down in Matewan, W.Va., as they waited for a train to take them back to Galax.
    I haven’t lived in Galax since childhood, but spent many happy summers there. My aunts and uncles, the Higginses and the Beamers, are gone, except for Geraldine Beamer.