Today's Opinions

  • Judge people by character, not race

    I feel this country has reached or is near the end of its rope, so to speak.
    I love this country and our freedoms, but past history has proven we have not always been as righteous as some think.
    First, the white man tried to do to the only real Americans what Iran wants to do to Israel. They tried to eliminate the American Indians and, until this day, most of them still live on reservations controlled by the government.

  • Don't vote against your own best interests

    Here we are again on the verge of another election. Four years ago this country was on the edge of total economic collapse. I can honestly say that my family is in better shape now than in 2008.
    I want the people in our community to really think hard about their vote in November. Do NOT vote against your best interests.
    The Republicans will do away with many needed programs that our community depends upon — like [reducing] food stamps, money for our schools and pre-school children and turning Social Security into something nobody recognizes.

  • Neighbor opposes shooting range plans

    Okay, so they are “considering” a shooting range near Graystone Road.
    The property in question is actually on Cornerstone Road.
    Several years ago, a sheriff’s deputy questioned residents along the road about how we felt about having a shooting range there.
    I and everyone I questioned opposed the idea.
    Well, the land belongs to the county, and they are going to do with it what they want. Residents and opinions be damned.
    The article states that the nearest house is more than a quarter-mile away. That is not true.

  • Rise of Islam threatens Christianity in U.S.

    All that is in the news today is about rioting, killing and taking over of countries by Muslims.
    The bad part about this is, most of it is backed by American tax dollars while those same countries are taking the United States for all it is worth.
    For example, our troops are being killed in Afghanistan by so-called allies. When an Afghan is killed, Obama sends millions of dollars to their families. Have they ever sent money to the families here who have lost a loved one? Not one dime.

  • Put needs of country above politics

    Gaffes, blunders, foot in the mouth disease (on both political sides) and are we better off or safer now than four years ago?
    The American voter and taxpayer will answer that in the election of 2012.
    One looks at what is out there to choose from. From a poster boy for the rich to one saying “you didn’t build this, government did,” or foreign matters that might lead to all-out war.
    It saddens the heart when the powers-that-be act like spoiled brats that cannot put this country’s needs and concerns above politics.

  • Check candidates' facts, math to find truth

    The phone blitz bought by the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and other SuperPacs is intensifying in these last weeks before the election.
    The Supreme Court made corporations “persons” and unleashed this. Remember when your phone rings it will be a bought and paid-for person or computer haranguing you.
    I will be supporting President Obama for a variety of reasons.
    First is healthcare. As a father with two sons, I am pleased that they can be insured to age 26 through my insurance, including dental care. I felt good to have their backs a little longer.

  • Reader appreciates 'warped' sense of humor

    Another summer, another visit to Galax.
    Great weather, great music, and a big stack of a year’s worth of Gazettes to read through.
    I especially enjoy Todd Jennings’ columns. I always appreciate a slightly warped sense of humor.
    Speaking of humor, that Readers’ Hotline — what a hoot! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Todd is responsible for most of those calls.
    Until next year…
    Terry Combs
    St. Petersburg, Fla.

  • Give Mitt Romney a chance

    I am a registered Democrat and have been voting for Democrats that were running before. I do not plan to vote for any Democrat anytime soon, and especially not President Obama because of the untruths that he has told and his party.
    I do not believe that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others care a thing about what happens to the United States.