Today's Opinions

  • Visit the Carroll County Fair

    Jessica Vass, 16, is a homeschool student, farmer, beekeeper, 4-H Livestock Club member and animal exhibitor from Carroll County

  • Vote Lamie for Va. Senate

    We have a new candidate for the Virginia Senate in the 40th District who is well qualified.
    He is John M. Lamie, born in Saltville in 1955. He graduated from King College, magna cum laude, in 1977 and then he attended the University of Tennessee School of Law, graduating in 1980.
    His law firm is Browning, Lamie & Gifford, PC. They have offices in Abingdon, Lebanon, Grundy and Wytheville.

  • Help free clinic help others

    “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
    What Ben Franklin was saying, is that a little effort today will have a great effect on tomorrow.
    The Free Clinic of the Twin Counties has been exerting a little community effort for more than seven years.
    How much effort, you ask? Currently the clinic has more than 800 active patients: 23 percent from Grayson, 32 percent from Galax, 45 percent from Carroll.
    The clinic operates on a lean diet. What I mean by that is there’s no fatback in our beans.

  • Bypass a wasteful 'feel good' project

    The wasteful, frivolous Hillsville bypass project apparently is nearing completion. Why the county and state would want to build a four‑lane highway around Hillsville that would shunt scarce dollars around downtown Hillsville, rather than through it, remains a puzzling question for taxpayers.

  • Finding roadside kindness

    The definition of “Samaritan” from the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-37 is “a person who is generous in helping those in distress.”
    It’s encouraging to know that in today’s rushed, self-absorbed world, there are still people who will help a stranger in need.
    We met two such people the night of July 29. After an encounter with a deer on Highway 21 south of Sparta, N.C., we found ourselves on the side of the road, with parts and the deer in the highway.

  • Diner owners are doing their best

    I would like to address the person or persons who sent the unsigned letter to the owners of Valley Diner.
    Your intentions may have been “good,” however they were extremely hurtful and rude.
    The owners work very hard to keep their business going and in today’s economy it is not an easy task. The owners donate things to the rescue squad, fire department in Elk Creek for the annual Rook tournament and for Dr. Harvey’s fishing event.
    Even though it is a bad economy, they want to contribute to the community as best they can.

  • Similar names could be confusing

    I wonder if there will be any confusion or other problem with the proposed Wildwood Park to be at I-77, exit 19 [in Carroll County] and the existing Wild Wood Park in Bridgewater, near Harrisonburg.
    Fred Saal


  • 'Small life, well lived'

    In speaking with residents at Grayson Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, I am amazed at the complexity of their past, as well as the simplicity.
    Most of the ladies were not only wives but housekeepers, loving mothers and some even worked outside the home at local sewing factories, mills and other places.
    They tell of raising children, keeping the house clean, baking homemade bread, ironing, washing, gardening, picking weeds, canning and freezing vegetables and fruits, making jams and jellies, feeding farmhands and family. Regular church attendance was a given.