Today's Opinions

  • Sheriff not spending responsibly

    After reading the letters submitted for Richard Vaughan, I feel the need to respond.
    Vaughan states that he has run his office in a financially responsible manner. However, if you take a look at his approved budgets since taking office, you see a different story.
    The current yearly budget includes line item requests which include $135,000 for “automobiles” and “automobile expenses” and $6,000 for “construction.”

  • Vaughan supporters' claims disputed

    In rebuttal to Mr. Richardson’s point regarding hiring practices, why aren’t Grayson County people good enough to hire to patrol their own communities?
    Sheriff Vaughn did hand pick who he wanted to hire.
    While I applaud Mr. Ashby’s and Mr. Sawyer’s resumes, why not move the extra five minutes and pay taxes there just like the hardworking people of Grayson County that pay your salaries?

  • Vaughan addresses finances

    The Public Safety Interoperability Communications grant project was a regional effort by Carroll County, Grayson County and Galax.
    The total grant project was $1,577,479.  Grayson County received over $800,000 of those funds.
    In January 2008, I was contacted by Carroll County and Galax officials regarding meetings on the project.
    I was told that no one from Grayson County had attended any of the meetings, and Grayson County would not be included in the project without representation.

  • Goad would bring youth to board



    As of March, Gerald Goad announced that he would be running for Pipers Gap District supervisor in Carroll County.

    I recently had the honor of getting to know him and want to express how much he is dedicated to helping the youth of this county.

  • ABC sales would benefit town



    The Town of Independence has never looked better. A little sprucing up has gone a long way.

    The new mural on town hall, the biking/walking trail to the park and the welcome flags have helped make our town a little more attractive to those who live here and to visitors.

  • Claims against Carroll disputed



    Mr. Goldwasser, please tell the facts!

    Ameripumps is still in operation. It is providing jobs with no cost to the taxpayers. Amerlink cost the county over $2 million with no jobs.

    The sewer to Galax was done because it saved the county thousands of dollars.

  • Candidate promises to work hard



    I am a candidate for the Pine Creek District seat on the Carroll County School Board.

    I have lived in this area all my 57 years. Some may know me from my farming and cattle operations. Others may remember me from the fight against Duke Energy’s natural gas pipeline.

  • Families living at poverty level



    Recent news stories reported that any couple with less than $14,000 per year of income is considered below poverty level and not even counted anymore.