Today's Opinions

  • Sign is victim of vandalism

    This is in response to the comments about Deer Haven Estates.
    Residents go to great length to maintain a clean and attractive neighborhood. However, the sign seems to invite vandalism by persons unknown.
    I have repaired it in the past and have hired someone to repair the sign again this spring when weather permits.
    The letters cannot be replaced, so the letters that have been broken will be repaired.

  • Keep ban on Sunday ABC sales

    Concerning the Town of Independence changing the alcohol law on Sunday sales to gain more revenue, Mr. Blevins should read his Bible and ask God what should be done.
    Crime, heartache, drunken drivers, children going without — are only a few of the things that go along with the alcohol business.
    God is going to judge. It’s time we stand for what’s right.
    Jesus is coming back and we need to do what is right and honest instead of seeing how much more evil we can do.
    Ada M. Rice

  • Fancy churches aren't necessary

    To the so-called Christians of the area and around the world…
    I called a local church and spoke to a lady about having a yard sale in the fellowship hall at the church.
    The staff of the church was having a sale Friday. I was told “no.” It was staff members and all and I was an outsider.
    Yeah, I am on the outside looking at that fine church, the fellowship hall Jesus Christ allowed people to build and to come worship him. Not have yard sales, gossip and so on.

  • World is in a sad state

    What a sad, disgusting and violent society we live in today.
    A record number of police officers are killed in the line of duty, and thugs prey upon the elderly and little children.
    It makes one sick because of the senseless abuse and death.
    The mouth of hell gets wider every day. With all the serious problems that this country faces, counties, cities and states cannot afford to lay off police, firefighters or EMS.
    To draw attention away from this overseas, we go to a country called Libya. Its leader has American blood on his hands.

  • Courthouse tragedy play is a challenge

    In his March 28 guest editorial, Gene Dalton was under the impression that the Carroll courthouse centennial will not feature “a play or some type of production on the 100th anniversary…”
    As I told an inquirer in the packed courtroom at the Carroll Historical Society’s March meeting, a dramatic play is being considered, and Frank Levering, a member of the centennial committee, is working on that concept.

  • FACE-IT: a community approach to addiction

    John Bigger of Fayetteville, N.C. is project director of FACE-IT

    If someone told you that 10,000 adults had a treatable disease and that 9,000 were going without treatment, would you be concerned?
    That this disease affects 8.25 percent of the county’s adult population, would you be concerned?
    This community has a silent epidemic eating away its resources — destroying families, damaging businesses, giving rise to criminal acts, hindering children’s success, taking lives prematurely.

  • Shooting thoroughly investigated

    Editor’s note: This letter is a rebuttal to points made in a letter from Kyle and Sherry Billings, which ran in the March 21-22 edition of The Gazette. In the letter, the parents of shooting victim Brandon Billings said that “nothing was done” by the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department for five years following the death of the high school student. The case is still unsolved.

  • Garbage ruins 'bit of heaven'

    We just recently moved to this area. We feel we have found a bit of heaven in this beautiful Carroll County.
    However, we’ve been upset by the amount of garbage thrown along the roadsides.
    Last week we called the Virginia Department of Transportation about the trash along our road. They told us we could stop by and get some bags to pick up the litter.
    We planned to go out Saturday after doing some errands.  When we arrived home, all of Orchard Gap Road had orange bags up and down the hill full of trash, 50 or more.