Today's Opinions

  • Don't turn back clock on America

    The last time I checked, this is 2012 and not the 1960s.
    What a sad and disgusting time in our country when some want to turn back the clock to the days of racial divide, violence, acid tongue. Morons who proclaim to be peacemakers and men of the cloth who are wolves that come in sheep’s clothing.
    A few in our society have never grown up. They are wet behind he ears and out of sync with reality and the real world.

  • Training center is only home residents know

    By Barbara Holmes of Galax

  • New supervisors promote openness

    Carroll County voters received a significant dividend for their vote for change in government when two of the newly-elected supervisors courageously broke ranks and blew the whistle on the board’s unnecessarily closed informational meeting with prospective wind farm developers.
    This was a clash of the old way — criticized for overuse of executive sessions, with the new — a promise of more open and inclusive government.

  • TCRH staff commended for service

    Twin County Regional Hospital sponsored a volunteer appreciation dinner in Galax on April 16.
    Linda Belcher and the hospital staff did an excellent job in coordinating, decorating and hosting the wonderful event.
    It is nice to be acknowledged for services rendered. But if you want to witness dedication, professionalism, compassion and caring, spend some time observing the nurses, medical staff and various area EMT groups that work tirelessly in the emergency room at the hospital.
    They are the ones who deserve a special thank you from everyone.

  • Mentally disabled need adequate care

    This Landmark News Service editorial first appeared in the Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk.

  • County's 'due diligence' questioned

    When the Carroll County complex was built in 1999, specifications for the fence around Carter Cemetery changed at the last minute.
    The contractor purchased wrought iron gates as the original specs called for. The county paid $1,800 for the gates and stored them for several years.
    A year ago I inquired about the gates. With rising metal prices, the gates would be worth about $3,000. I got an answer after three months that the gates were hauled away with scrap chain link fence. I pointed out this was not true. Why would anyone haul new gates to a scrap pile?

  • Wired Road service appreciated

    I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for The Wired Road Authority providing broadband in Southwest Virginia.
    I am particularly grateful for the Grant Community Computing Center in Troutdale.
    Not only does the center provide the community with free broadband computer usage, but it also offers free classes ranging from typing and digital photography to Internet and Microsoft Word basics, as well as genealogy, eBay for Business, and even Facebook classes.

  • Community thanked for support

    We want to express our family’s gratitude for all the support provided at the Galax breakfast benefit for Luke Hampton.
    The overwhelming community support and prayers for Luke after his tragic life-changing accident are greatly appreciated.
    We are especially grateful for the organization and work of Marlene and Garry Adams and members of Trinity Baptist Church.