Today's Opinions

  • Use expert panel to hire police chief

    In Mr. Crowder’s campaign for mayor of Hillsville, he stated in local newspapers that he would “end back door happenings” and put in place an honest and open government, leading some individuals to believe we didn’t have this in Hillsville.
    Well, guess what? Given the first opportunity to do the right thing, he and his cohorts soundly rejected a motion by Councilman Terry to have a selection board of unbiased police officers interview candidates for police chief.

  • BBQ team thanks sponsors for event

    This letter was addressed to The Galax Smokehouse and Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce, organizers of the annual Smoke on the Mountain state barbecue championship in Galax.

    On behalf of myself and Ranucci’s Big Butt BBQ, we would like to say thank you to you and your staff for the great time we had at the BBQ competition.

  • Responding to calls about Fries

    My response to the recent Hotline call about Fries:
    “Who are the real outsiders? Is it someone who moved in the Town of Fries because they liked it?”
    Oh, do you mean the ones that go around Fries wearing their “Outsiders” shirts? The ones that attend the town council meetings wearing their “Outsiders” shirts?
    Oh, could you be talking about the ones that go around Fries breaking the law and one was just fined $111 in Grayson County Court for breaking the law? Yep, they really want to fit in for sure.

  • Grateful for an act of kindness

    I want to tell you about the kindest and most unselfish experience of my life.
    When a lot of folks around the counties were without electricity, I called Fran Elkins to see if one of her vacation rentals might be vacant. She was full up.
    She called a friend, Cynthia Grant, to see if she might have  
    something for us.
    Cynthia invited us to stay in her vacation rental house for as long as needed. This was such good news. Our granddaughter and a friend picked that time to visit with us for a number of days.

  • Politicians don't care about our future

    Politicians. The definition includes a seeker or holder of public office, who is more concerned about winning favor or retaining power than about maintaining principles.
    Furthermore, it is a person who seeks to gain power or advancement within an organization in ways that are generally disapproved.
    This can be described as what we the people have elected in the past and probably in the future,

  • Asplundh workers commended

    I offer my extreme gratitude to all the Asplundh workers out there.
    These men have been out there in the unforgiving, scorching heat in the upper 90s, working harder than most of us have worked our entire lives for 16 to 19 hours a day to clean up all the downed trees and other debris, not to mention whole power line towers that have come down due to recent severe storms that have swept devastation through our area.

  • State puts squeeze on Virginia localities

    Landmark News Service editorial. Reprinted with permission

  • Free clinic needs community support

    Many times over the past few years you have read articles of how the Free Clinic needs money to continue its mission of helping others and that is still true today.
    The Free Clinic is made up of many volunteers and many supporters without which there would not be a clinic.
    Today’s economy continues to waiver and futures are uncertain. Please continue to support the local mission of the Free Clinic of Galax.