• Victim's family endorses sheriff



    My husband and I are the parents of Brandon Billings, who was murdered nine years ago this month.

    The first five years after Brandon’s murder, dealing with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department was unbelievable.

  • Vote Gallimore in Pine Creek

    This letter is in support of Olen Gallimore, candidate for school board from Carroll County's Pine Creek District.

    I have known Mr. Gallimore for 30 years, and am convinced that he will be an effective school board member.

    Mr. Gallimore operates a successful business. His experience in personnel management, goal setting, policy development and budgeting has prepared him for the challenges that a school board member faces.

    Mamie S. Taylor

  • Keep Grayson sheriff in office

    Sheriff Richard Vaughan, in his time in office, has increased the number of arrests, updated standards for staff and deputies and increased the patrol area and responsibilities.

    Sheriff Vaughan's content of character, ethics, integrity, absence of politics in office, equitable and consistent standards of law are most uncommon.

    In the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, there is a very good man. Keep him there.

    John Burnett

  • Burnett is a dedicated officer



    I would like to comment on the upcoming election in Grayson County. We have a unique opportunity to elect the most dedicated law enforcement official I have ever seen — Mark Burnett.

    He will make our sheriff's department the best it can possibly be.

  • Candidate has compassion



    Why I think we need to continue with Tom Littrell as our Pipers Gap District Supervisor?

    I have known Doc for about 12 years. First as my dentist, second as president of our Twin County Region of Virginia AACA Car Club, third as our Pipers Gap District supervisor, and most of all a friend.

  • Support Littrell for re-election



    Having known Tom Littrell for almost 40 years, I fully support him for re-election as supervisor in Pipers Gap District.

    I am chairman of the troop committee for Boy Scout Troop 188 while Tom has served as Scout Master of the same troop for over 38 years. We also serve together on the Twin County Airport Commission.

  • Democratic candidates endorsed



    Nov. 8 is an important election day for all of us in Grayson County.

    I want John M. Lamie to be elected to represent us in the Virginia Senate.

  • Vaughan addresses opponent's claims

    Four years ago when I announced my candidacy for Grayson County Sheriff, I presented a detailed plan for positive change.
    I conducted myself in a professional manner, and ran a positive campaign from beginning to end.  This is the type of character that Grayson County Citizens deserve and expect from their elected officials.  
    Unfortunately, everyone does not abide by the same unspoken values. From the very beginning when my opponent announced his candidacy, he has been negative.

  • Carroll incumbents should be replaced

    Economic development isn’t easy, as shown by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors’ many false starts.
    The Wired Road that was to bring high speed Internet to the citizens was such poor technology that even the schools switched to another provider.
    The 125 jobs promised for Ameripumps haven’t come.
    The Market Village of upscale shops is another metal building and has required additional loans from the county to the lawsuit-threatening developer who continues to miss deadlines.

  • Re-elect Littrell to board of supervisors

    I appreciate this opportunity to share with other citizens of Pipers Gap District why I support Tom Littrell for re‑election to supervisor.
    Littrell is a man that loves his country and takes great pride in Carroll County.
    My husband and I got to know him and through his involvement with the Boy Scouts.
    Our son was a scout in Troop 188 of which Dr. Littrell was scoutmaster. We were amazed at the time, expense and sacrifices that he gave so that Scouts would have opportunities and life experiences.