• Rates hike a pain to town

    To Hillsville citizens,
    As you probably have heard and read, the Town of Hillsville is having to propose a substantial increase in water and sewer fees due primarily to the loss of the [Carroll Public Service Authority] water purchases and sewer flow from the Interstate 77 interchange.

  • Bartlett won't seek Oldtown seat



    I wish to inform all my friends and supporters in Grayson County and particularly those in the Oldtown Voting District that I will not seek reelection as the Oldtown District Supervisor in the upcoming election in November 2011.

  • Playground 2000 needs maintenance

    A little more than 10 years ago, the people and businesses of this community came together in an unprecedented effort and raised more than $125,000 to provide a safe and fun place to play for our children and those of travelers.
    When we are there with our children and see so many happy kids running, sliding and swinging, we are proud to have been a part of that effort. We are concerned that this gift from the people of the county is not being maintained with that same pride.

  • Playground issues are being addressed

    We were made aware of some issues last summer (2010) after our scheduled inspection by VACO safety inspectors. During that meeting we discussed potential safety issues and how to fix them.
    Carroll Parks and Recreation and the county maintenance department reviewed a repair list and made plans to resolve the problems.

  • Wealth never 'trickles down'

    During the late 1970s, a group of rich and powerful men got together to plan the neoconservative revolution, hoping to establish a 100-year reign of Republican control of the government.
    They hoped to do away with labor unions, Aid to Dependent Children, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. They also hoped to eliminate import tariffs (free trade) so they could make an end run around worker health and safety laws, minimum wages and environmental laws by farming out their jobs to third world countries.

  • Family appreciates kindness

    Recently, while visiting Galax for a doctor appointment, my daughter left her purse in the Walmart shopping cart.
    Since she’s 11, I was somewhat concerned, but more so when she explained she had left her birthday money in it.
    With her grandparents’ help, we contacted the local Walmart service center to discover they had found it. They graciously held it at the service desk until our next appointment day when we stopped by.

  • Sign is victim of vandalism

    This is in response to the comments about Deer Haven Estates.
    Residents go to great length to maintain a clean and attractive neighborhood. However, the sign seems to invite vandalism by persons unknown.
    I have repaired it in the past and have hired someone to repair the sign again this spring when weather permits.
    The letters cannot be replaced, so the letters that have been broken will be repaired.

  • Keep ban on Sunday ABC sales

    Concerning the Town of Independence changing the alcohol law on Sunday sales to gain more revenue, Mr. Blevins should read his Bible and ask God what should be done.
    Crime, heartache, drunken drivers, children going without — are only a few of the things that go along with the alcohol business.
    God is going to judge. It’s time we stand for what’s right.
    Jesus is coming back and we need to do what is right and honest instead of seeing how much more evil we can do.
    Ada M. Rice

  • Fancy churches aren't necessary

    To the so-called Christians of the area and around the world…
    I called a local church and spoke to a lady about having a yard sale in the fellowship hall at the church.
    The staff of the church was having a sale Friday. I was told “no.” It was staff members and all and I was an outsider.
    Yeah, I am on the outside looking at that fine church, the fellowship hall Jesus Christ allowed people to build and to come worship him. Not have yard sales, gossip and so on.

  • World is in a sad state

    What a sad, disgusting and violent society we live in today.
    A record number of police officers are killed in the line of duty, and thugs prey upon the elderly and little children.
    It makes one sick because of the senseless abuse and death.
    The mouth of hell gets wider every day. With all the serious problems that this country faces, counties, cities and states cannot afford to lay off police, firefighters or EMS.
    To draw attention away from this overseas, we go to a country called Libya. Its leader has American blood on his hands.