• What is wrong with America?

    The right to bear arms was given to us, not to protect our homes and families from evildoers of this sick society we live in.
    Why is it a higher offense and almost immediate death sentence when you kill a government official of some kind, even if it’s a cop, who abuses his authority and is breaking his own law and duty and found guilty till whoever moves his innocence, and not because of the tongue of a high-priced attorney because he makes it sound good.

  • Honored to put sign in yard

    To the person concerned about the sign in my yard on Hebron Road.
    I am an employed taxpayer who votes in every election. I am well aware of the county in which I live.
    I personally am so occupied with work, family, friends and church that I have no time to critique the yards on Hebron Road. Maybe other people have too much time on their hands.
    Having known Mark Burnett and family for 30 years, I feel honored to put a sign for him in my yard.

  • Smith family thanks community

    The Smith family, who lost their belongings in a house fire on Commonwealth Road, would like to thank everyone for all their donations, thoughts and prayers.
    Everyone came together to help our family and we are truly grateful.
    Bettie Lineberry

  • Team thanks community

    The Galax Varsity boys’ basketball team wants to thank our community for supporting us on our journey to the State Championship.
    This has been such a wonderful, exciting and proud moment in our lives, but none of it could have been possible without you.
    We give all of the honor and glory to God as we quote one of our favorite verses, Phil 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”

  • Woman seeks stationery for collection

    I am writing to newspapers across the country to request help on my current collection.
    I am an autistic person who collects stationery in the form of note cards and letter paper. I am searching to extend my collection and I am collecting stationery from all parts of the country.
    My contact information follows, if anyone in your area is interested in donating stationery to my collection: 3315 Treece Road, Hornbeak, Tenn. 38232-3039.
    Elysia Duke

  • Celebrate music in schools

    March is designated as “Music in Our Schools Month” by The National Association for Music Education.
    The purpose is to acknowledge the role music plays in the lives of children as they progress through the public school experience, and how music education has a life-changing impact.
    This year’s theme is “Music Lasts a Lifetime.”

  • Sheriff gives victim's family hope

    I'd like to share a little about our son, Brandon Billings who was murdered in 2002, which was the most devastating thing a parent could go through.
    Brandon has been dead for eight years. The first five years, nothing was done. When Sheriff Vaughan went into office, he found Brandon's case files packed away in a closet like it was nothing.

  • Fifth grader needs help researching Virginia

    I am a fifth grade student at Harlan Intermediate School in Harlan, Iowa.
    My class is studying the geography and history of the United States. I think that I am the luckiest person in my class to have gotten Virginia.
    My favorite part about Virginia is that it was one of the first 13 colonies.
    I would really appreciate it if you could send me some souvenirs, books or any more information about your state Virginia.
    My teacher, Mrs. Newlin, would like a car license plate for a school project if possible.
    I appreciate your time. Thank you.

  • Program brings kids closer to God

    My name is Matthew and I am 12 years old. I want to tell you about Snow Hill Baptist Church AWANA program.
    At Snow Hill we have the AWANA program for children ages 2-18. Before we start, we eat for 10 minutes. After that we have game time for 30 minutes. Then we study and learn God's word.
    We earn AWANA dollars for Bible verses that we memorize and say. We can spend these AWANA dollars for things in the AWANA store.

  • March is Red Cross Month

    When neighbors help neighbors in emergencies, it's something to celebrate. That is why every U.S. president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has declared March as Red Cross Month.
    The Wood's River Chapter of Red Cross has served this community so long and so well that it is easy to overlook the fact that its services are performed largely by volunteers and are supported through the generosity of people right here in Galax, Grayson, Carroll and Wythe.