• Check candidates' facts, math to find truth

    The phone blitz bought by the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and other SuperPacs is intensifying in these last weeks before the election.
    The Supreme Court made corporations “persons” and unleashed this. Remember when your phone rings it will be a bought and paid-for person or computer haranguing you.
    I will be supporting President Obama for a variety of reasons.
    First is healthcare. As a father with two sons, I am pleased that they can be insured to age 26 through my insurance, including dental care. I felt good to have their backs a little longer.

  • Reader appreciates 'warped' sense of humor

    Another summer, another visit to Galax.
    Great weather, great music, and a big stack of a year’s worth of Gazettes to read through.
    I especially enjoy Todd Jennings’ columns. I always appreciate a slightly warped sense of humor.
    Speaking of humor, that Readers’ Hotline — what a hoot! In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Todd is responsible for most of those calls.
    Until next year…
    Terry Combs
    St. Petersburg, Fla.

  • Give Mitt Romney a chance

    I am a registered Democrat and have been voting for Democrats that were running before. I do not plan to vote for any Democrat anytime soon, and especially not President Obama because of the untruths that he has told and his party.
    I do not believe that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others care a thing about what happens to the United States.

  • Keep feds off the Crooked Road

    If you take taxpayer money and got two politicians such as Sen. Warner and Rep. Griffith to further your empire — oops, “free association” — maybe you’re a little political?
    And am I to believe that the Crooked Road director, Mr. Hinselwood, is working for free out of the goodness of his heart?

  • Fight to keep training center open

    I’m the sister of two profoundly retarded intellectually- and developmentally-disabled brothers (Larry and Danny Holmes) who have made their home at Southwestern Virginia Training Center in Hillsville since 1997.
    In January 2012, Gov. McDonnell announced his intention to close all five training centers of Virginia by June 2020.

  • Congress overtaken by socialists

    I am concerned about what is going on in our country. Eighty of our congressmen have professed to be socialists/communists. The majority of these have infiltrated the Democrat party, but I expect some are Republicans as well.
    Our constitution is under attack. Mr. Obama has signed 923 executive orders, more than all of the other presidents in American history.   
    Congress passed a bill eliminating Senate confirmation hearings of some presidential appointees. The list goes on.


    The deadline has passed to submit letters and rebuttals concerning the Nov. 6 election, for publication in The Gazette.

    Letters were accepted until Oct. 17 and rebuttal letters were accepted until Oct. 24.

    Several letters submitted after Oct. 17 were rejected because they either missed the deadline or did not meet the standards for a rebuttal.

    No letters were submitted that met the rebuttal criteria for publication in the Oct. 29 edition of The Gazette.

  • A political parable

    In political seasons, satire helps breaks my fatigue with political campaigning:
    While crossing a street in Washington, a U.S. senator is flattened by an 18-wheeler. He dies and is standing in front of Saint Peter.
    Saint Peter looks through his book and says, “This is most unusual. You must spend 24 hours in heaven, followed by 24 hours in hell, and then chose where you will spend eternity.”
    The senator shouts, “I’ll take heaven!”

  • People of faith support Obama

    As a Christian, I am a proud supporter of President Barack Obama.
    There really is no other option. Jesus makes plain what is required of people of faith.
    As He is dividing the sheep and goats, He offers clear explanation: “in as much as you have done it unto the least of these my brothers, you have done it unto me.”
    Who are the least of these? The poor, the elderly, the young, the strangers in our land. We are called to care for these people, not to dismiss them.

  • We can't afford to keep Obama

    During my working years I was fortunate to earn enough that I could occasionally invest small amounts toward retirement income.
    Over time, the interest on these investments accrued to an amount that I was able to live comfortably in my retirement.
    However, during these last three years this retirement income has decreased significantly, causing me to wonder what the actual percentage of this income loss would be?