• Don't undo county progress with zoning repeal

    To the Grayson County Supervisors:
    I have lately been a bit concerned with the actions and attitudes of you, our county representatives. There seems to be a divide between you that mirrors some of the same syndromes we see on both a state and national level, politically.
    The two views that seem to be on display are:
    1. That government is too big and needs to be downsized by any means possible. 2. Government is how we, by majority, design and implement courses of action that never please everyone, but serve to do the most good for the most people.  

  • A power play in Grayson?

    Are Grayson County supervisors John Brewer and David Sexton backing the wrong horse in siding with Supervisor Rosenbaum?
    Are they digging themselves a hole that will be impossible to climb out of? Time will tell for sure.
    Seems these three men are causing a lot of hard feelings among citizens of Grayson County. I don’t have a horse in this race, but I do have a feeling Brewer and Sexton are not helping themselves.
    These are two very good men, but I feel are going down the wrong path in this instance. They jumped too quick in the things they voted out!

  • IRS 'scandal' lacks proof, is politically motivated

    A recent news flash stated, “The IRS has been caught targeting conservative groups!”
    If our media had substituted the word “accused” for “caught,” their “news flash” would have been true.
    To make matters worse, CNN reporter Candy Crowley, asked Rep. Darrell Issa, the Republican chairman of the House Oversight Committee, “what is your gut feeling?”

  • Hope House thanks youth for supply drive

    The Galax Hope House expresses appreciation to Dylan Bedwell for sharing such wonderful birthday blessings.
    The much-needed supplies came to us in two truckloads of food items, supplies and many other items.
    They were delivered by Dylan, his family and friends after his birthday party. They helped us to get all the items unloaded and inside.

  • Repeal of zoning would be harmful to Grayson

    The largest investment most people make is buying a home, which is protected under existing zoning laws.
    Without zoning, property values will plummet if a neighbor decides to set up a hog lot, a nightclub with exotic dancers, or junkyard next door.
    Health and safety also suffers when we can’t even prevent convicted sexual predators from moving in next to the school.
    Zoning helps protect private investment by providing those who purchase property with certainty about the future.

  • Remember the elderly at Christmas time

    Not only do we need to be sure and remember all the little children this time of year, we also need to think about any elderly people who live alone.
    A visit, a kind word, a Christmas card or a small gift to warm their hearts so they don’t feel left out.
    I am enclosing a poem I wrote. It gives you something to think about:

    The Old Man
    No Christmas tree in this house.
    No wreath upon the door.
    The old man spends Christmas alone once more.
    Forgotten by his children, and by his neighbors he is ignored.

  • Song about Independence deserves to be heard

    Did you know Independence, Va., has its own song? Well, it does, and it’s one of the prettiest songs you’ll ever hear.
    A while back I was doing a YouTube search for my hometown. A song popped up played by the April Verch Band, named “Independence, Va.”
    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  Surely this was a mistake.

  • Volunteer to help Santa instead of complaining

    To the [Readers Hotline caller] wanting to read letters to Santa, he or she might consider volunteering as Santa’s helper as a letter reader and filling wish list requests for Christmas presents.
    Santa might send one of his elves and Rudolph to provide transportation for him or her in his sleigh.
    Raymond Worrell
    Ennice, N.C.

  • Community made project a success

    In this season of Thanksgiving, I express my sincerest gratitude to all those who helped to ensure that my senior project was a success.
    The Galax High School administration allowed me the use of the auditorium, the best venue in town.
    My teachers helped me through every step of the process, and the janitorial staff had everything prepared and even pitched in to help set up.
    The Gazette ran a very nice piece to help promote the concert.
    My home church, Baywood Wesleyan, helped staff the event and advertise as well.

  • Donors gave soldiers a happier holiday

    The kindergarten students of Oakland Elementary School express heartfelt appreciation and thanks to all the individuals, students, churches and businesses that helped our endeavor of Operation Santa Soldier Stockings become an amazing reality.
    This project is for the Army unit in North Carolina of which Sgt. Andrew Gobble is a member.
    Our students along with your overwhelming support and generosity were able to surpass their goal of 75 stockings, and packed 80 Christmas stockings.