• Woodlawn School could be a danger

    At the Woodlawn High School meeting Jan. 23, my wife spoke regarding closing the school.
    After hearing other comments, we are in agreement that the special ed children are in need of having a place to play basketball, etc.
    However, as stated by my wife, when we attended a meeting with former School Superintendent [Greg] Smith and others at the school, it was stressed that the school was in dire need of repairs.
    Apparently, that information has changed considerably. It now appears that we were sadly misinformed.

  • Zoning repeal needs to stop

    The answer to the question of whether to keep zoning is simple. Factions on both sides would like us to think it’s not.
    Zoning is not about the county being able to tell you what to do, it is about your ability to tell the county what you want. If you give up zoning, whatever you like or dislike about what’s moving in next door, you will no longer have a say or even the forum to give your opinion.
    Don’t listen to polarizing factions on both sides telling you what to think. The grandstanding and drama are about personal agendas and not truth.

  • Board 'hijacked' by zoning foes

    There is no better or more important protection for this county than the zoning ordinance. Why, then, are some in this community fighting against their own best interest?

  • Choirs invited to Black History event

    I am writing this letter to cordially invite your church and choir to Oldtown Baptist Church’s Black History Celebration.
    We know this time of year can be very busy but we wanted to extend the invitation to “go back down memory lane” with us as we celebrate Black History Month.
    The service will be Feb. 23 at 3 p.m. Your congregation and choirs attendance would be appreciated as we lift up the name of Jesus and thank God for freedom.
    For more information you can contact minister Deiandra Anderson at (336) 430‑3947.

  • Write letters to save Kroger

    It was with great sadness that I heard about the Kroger store in Galax closing effective in March. However, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all those interested in keeping this store open to do a letter writing campaign.
    Social media may be the thing at this time, but also keep in mind that all the Facebook posts may or may not be read. However, if you send a letter stating your concerns, be assured that someone in that office will open that letter.
    The more letters you send may be the avenue to keeping the store in Galax.

  • VDOT kept roads clear

    Thank you, VDOT, for keeping the highways and byways scraped, sanded and safe during our recent perilous weather.
    Your dedication is appreciated.
    Bonnie Campbell and family

  • Theater guild thanks Chambers

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank Larry Chambers for all the time and energy he took to write the stories of the beginning of the Galax Theater Guild and to print the beautiful pictures of our actors in our plays.
    That was 40 years ago, and because of his dedication and hard work, we are still here today.
    We love the town newspaper because, without it, people would not have known about the productions. One can have a good product, but with nothing in print or on the air, who would know?

  • Where is anti-zoning faction's evidence?

    Thank you for your comments in your editorial urging some common sense from our three supervisors who want to repeal zoning in Grayson County.
    You are right — only anecdotal evidence from the supervisors regarding all those who oppose zoning.
    Where is the hard evidence of names, emails, letters, phone calls, etc., of those who oppose zoning and why are not the supervisors forthcoming with that information?

  • Truth sought in zoning debate

    My father was an attorney who handled many divorce cases.
    He would say, “There’s his truth, there’s her truth and there’s the truth. It is my job to figure out what is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”
    I attended the Grayson County Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 9 to do just that, about the potential repeal of zoning.

  • Zoning protects county

    I attended the Grayson County Supervisors meeting Jan. 9.
    I am a retired land planner and new county resident, but I had heard that the board had voted to eliminate zoning in the county, a move that can increase property taxes plus negatively impact economic growth and public safety.
    Commercial and industrial enterprises typically have greater infrastructure needs (water, waste disposal, electricity, road use), and these needs are more efficiently and cost effectively met in designated industrial and commercial zones.