• Violence claiming young lives in America

    I am responding to a news story about an 8-year-old who killed a 1-year-old.
    Something is very wrong in our society where a child kills another. Some people live in a fantasy world and things do not appear what they are.
    What is sad and heartbreaking of the growing violence that has claimed innocent lives is that the ones doing the crimes are so young. It is also a fact that some parents do not care doodly squat what their child does. If they don’t want them don’t have them!

  • Be careful mixing religion, government

    My deepest gratitude to Galax City Council members Robert Lazo and John Garner for voting against putting a religious message on police vehicles.
    Given the vitriol heaped on them in the Readers’ Hotline, it required a lot of courage.
    To those who clamor to put God in our government, schools, football games, etc., I would remind you that Jesus never advocated mingling religious beliefs and government.

  • Veterans Day service was uplifting, inspiring

    Grayson VFW Post 7726 publicly thanks Pastor David Osborne and members of Mountain View Baptist Church for their kind invitation to the special Veterans Day church service held Nov. 8.
    Pastor Osborne’s service was both inspiring and uplifting. We also want to thank the church congregation for the wonderful meal they provided to the attending veterans.

  • Goad thanks Carroll citizens for votes

    I sincerely thank all citizens, my family, and friends for your tremendous support as the new circuit court clerk-elect for Carroll County.
    It is with great honor that I am blessed with the opportunity to serve my home county in this important public service role in representing all citizens.
    I want to say that it was one of the cleanest, hard-fought races I have ever seen in a local election and want to thank all other candidates and their families: Phil Hawks, Jay McCraw, James Alderman, and Barbara Fadden.

  • Hawks congratulates opponent on win

    I extend my congratulations to Gerald Goad for becoming clerk-elect for Carroll County Circuit Court.
    I thank the citizens of Carroll County for their participation in the political process and selecting their candidates of choice to represent them in local, state and national government.
    I extend my appreciation toward the Twin County Regional Chamber of Commerce for its involvement in the local races. Its devotion to informing citizens of the Twin Counties about candidates who wish to represent them is to be commended.

  • Bar association ad was political smear

    In his post-election public statement, Robert Williams is gracious in conceding his election loss for Grayson County Circuit Court clerk.
    This is despite a paid negative ad placed by the Galax-Grayson Bar Association which, in my opinion, flagrantly maligned Williams’ personal qualifications and misrepresented both the intent and the content of his offer to serve Grayson citizens in elective office.

  • Election, voter turnout were encouraging

    As a participant in our local political process off and on for 29 years, this current cycle proved to be the most amicable and flexible.
    What particularly impressed me, and many others, was a drift away from party loyalty and towards voting for the person perceived to be best qualified.
    Each voter got behind their choice without traditional pressures. Our community is better for it.

  • Police department thanked for motto

    Regarding the Oct. 26 article, “Council Members Object to Motto,” I would like to thank the Galax Police Department for adding “ In God We Trust” to its vehicles, along with the sheriff’s departments for Carroll and Grayson counties.
    To me, this says a lot about the integrity of these police departments. I thank God for all these women and men in all our police and sheriff’s departments. Thank you.

  • Opponents ran races to be proud of

    Congratulations to Douglas Vaught on winning re-election! I wish him well in serving as our commonwealth’s attorney.
    I am proud of all my friends and supporters and the kindness I so greatly received when visiting with the many citizens in Grayson County and Galax, and the encouragement so greatly given to me in this race. Rachel and I are truly blessed by your generosity.
    Both sides ran a race that never went negative — something that our community can proudly proclaim when we talk about what a great place we all have to call home.

  • Double standards for officers

    Regarding “City officer involved in crash (Oct. 23 edition), according to Police Chief Clark, accidents involving a city vehicle are “processed as a personnel matter.”
    This policy creates a double standard, one for the average citizen and one for police officers.
    The policy can be rationalized in a number of ways: cops drive more miles than the average citizen, cops look for crime as they drive, and cops are subject to discipline under personnel rules.