• Museum thanks Cox for years of support

    The Carroll County Museum and Historical Society wish to acknowledge and say thanks for the loyal support and hard work that Love Worrell Cox contributed to this organization.
    She became a charter member in 1982.
    She served on the board of directors and was a tireless champion to make the museum a reality for citizens of Carroll County and a place for its many visitors to know the history of the county, its people and its past.
    The museum continues today because of persons like Love Cox and her love of Carroll County.
    Effie Thompson

  • Talent show organizer’s efforts appreciated

    The senior talent show was held Oct. 1 at the Rex Theater, and what a wonderful show it was.
    For those that didn’t get to see it, you really missed a treat. Lots of laughs and enjoyment by all.
    I say a big “thank you” to Sabrina White-Martin, director of the Golden Dreamers Glee Club for all the time and effort she put in with us to make the show so successful. Her dedication and hours of practice with the performers was so appreciated. What an outstanding job she did.
    Thank you again, Sabrina.
    Shelby Meenach Jr.

  • Senator's plans good for Southwest Virginia

    Take a few minutes to look over state Senator Bill Stanley’s legislative achievements since he was first elected to represent the 20th Senate District five years ago.
    An incredible number of 50 pieces of legislation have been become law. Visit his website at stanleyforsenate.com to see a summary of his sponsored and co-sponsored legislation.
    Sen. Stanley has had a plan to revitalize and bring prosperity back to Southside and Southwest Virginia. He is convinced that a strong and robust education system will bring high-paying sustainable jobs to our region.

  • Hutchins has been a positive influence

    My letter is to encourage citizens in Carroll County to please come out and vote at the upcoming election.
    David Hutchins is running for supervisor in the Sulphur Springs District. David has been a positive influence on the board for nine years.
    He has worked diligently not only for his district but for our county as a whole. His efforts in pushing for water and sewer and preparing for funding have been an asset for our county.
    He is a knowledgeable and honest man who acknowledges the power and eternity of Our Creator.

  • Change is needed in sheriff's department

    We’ve come a long way in Carroll County the past few years. I have been proud to serve as your supervisor at large for three terms. Thank you for your support and confidence.
    One of my campaign goals was for water and sewer services at all Interstate 77 exits. We now have that and much more.
    As my tenure expires, I have a major concern that we are changing from a fiscal conservative county. All departments of Carroll should spend carefully to keep taxes affordable. Most of them do with the exception of the sheriff’s department.

  • Spay, neuter cats to avoid overpopulation

    Oct. 16 is National Feral Cat Day, a day to think about all the outdoor cats in our neighborhoods.
    This year more than ever I have seen cats and kittens needing homes. Many people are finding kittens on the side of the road, or even in the road. The good news is that there is a simple solution to reducing the unwanted cat population. No cat needs to starve, freeze or wander into the road to meet their untimely end. Plus, helping save lives makes you feel good.

  • Gun control doesn't negate gun rights

    Attention all gun owners.
    For quite a few years, some of you have been buying all the guns you can because you heard that the government is coming to take them away.
    Well, have you noticed that for years now, no one has come to take your guns away, and in fact it has been just as easy today as when that “rumor” got started, to buy just about what you want?
    This false rumor was a way for gun manufacturers and gun advocate groups to make a ton of money. It has worked beautifully.

  • Hutchins has proven leadership skills

    Politics is ugly. Politics can be vindictive.
    Politics can be about personal aspirations to settle a score?  A score that is often unwarranted and ill-founded.
    Where do you stand as a voter? Intermingled with the personal politics? Or do you care about seeing Carroll County move forward?
    Or, would you bet your vote on someone who has not held public office? A gamble not worth taking! We have seen firsthand a community organizer turned politician?

  • Re-elect Herrington as Grayson court clerk

    Please consider casting your vote for Susan Herrington for clerk of Grayson County Circuit Court.
    While serving as a real estate title examiner in Southwest Virginia for almost 25 years, I have had the opportunity to observe Ms. Herrington’s work as a deputy clerk, then chief deputy, and finally, for the past eight years as clerk.
    Her thoroughly modern approach to accomplishing the many and varied tasks assigned to the clerk makes her  
    office an especially efficient place to do research.

  • Are we on the road to another war?

    We are now dealing with the aftermath of long, costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    We have expended money and lives to achieve nothing, except perhaps the collapse of both countries. Blame is being promulgated about responsibility, particularly for the debacle in Iraq.
    Much of this comes from Republican candidates for president who condemn President Obama for pulling our troops out of Iraq.
    None of them learned from Vietnam that military might does not ensure victory when we support corrupt regimes. That was true in Vietnam, and it is true in Iraq.