• McBride praised for shaping schools

    Having been involved in Carroll County education for more than 50 years, I feel that I have a unique perspective in regard to the educational system.
    I give the credit and all the accolades to one man for bringing Carroll County out of the Dark Ages and straight into the 21st century.
    That man is Oliver McBride, who [as then-superintendent of Carroll County Schools] had the vision and the fortitude to buck the opposition and create a gem here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

  • Drug Takeback event was successful

    On Sept. 26 the Southwest Virginia Medical Reserve Corps was honored to partner with local law enforcement agencies for the annual DEA Drug Takeback event.
    Since 2011, the SWVA Medical Reserve Corps has been actively involved with law enforcement agencies educating community members on the importance of cleaning out medicine cabinets and keeping cabinets clean to protect themselves and family members.
    The Medical Reserve Corps thanks Galax Police Chief Rick Clark and Independence Police Chief James Wagoner for allowing us to work with you on this successful event.

  • Reparations should be paid for slavery

    It has been a year since Ferguson, and now we should be able to understand and sympathize with our protestors.
    Our Department of Justice concluded that Ferguson officials were targeting African Americans with unconstitutional practices in order to balance their budget.
    They discovered racist e-mails. These practices were happening for decades and contributed to white households’ wealth being more than double that of African American families.

  • Gardner looks after citizens' best interests

    I have worked with J.B. Gardner and have known him for his entire career as a police officer.
    When J.B. came out of the Marine Corps, he went to work at the Galax Police Department. It didn’t take one long to figure out the kind of person he was.
    I feel the people of Carroll County would be hard-pressed to find someone more qualified or more dedicated for the office of sheriff.
    Since he has been sheriff, he has managed the department well and also looked after the best interests of the people of Carroll County.
    Sgt. J.R. Leath

  • Re-elect sheriff to continue progress

    I thank everyone who has supported the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office during Sheriff J.B. Gardner’s first term.
    The past four years has been a consistent battle in providing deputies with safe vehicles, an operational radio system, and much-needed safety equipment such as bulletproof vests and weapons.
    The communication center was also improved to make it secure and effective. It’s been expensive, but a good investment.

  • Gerald Goad best choice for court clerk

    I am firmly convinced that Gerald Goad is the best choice to become the clerk of the circuit court for Carroll County, after attending the Chamber of Commerce’s candidates’ forum Oct. 13.
    This was an opportunity for all the candidates running for various offices in the local election to be heard. Therefore, I was able to know firsthand what the other four candidates running for clerk are offering.

  • Illegals encouraged to multiply

    One hundred years ago there were approximately 1.5 billion people on earth. Today, there are approximately 6 billion people.
    Very likely that same increase will occur again in less than 50 years.
    China and many other countries are already wall to wall with people.
    Water shortages in 36 of our states will begin to affect the population in about three years.

  • Gardner's spending was justified

    I am a deputy for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and have had the pleasure of serving citizens for 34 years.
    I have worked under Sheriff Vass, Sheriff Carrico, Sheriff Manning, and presently under Sheriff Gardner — all good men.
    I have been through many elections and campaigns but never a campaign such as this one.
    Sheriff Gardner is under fire for spending money, buying equipment to protect deputies and citizens. He refuses to apologize for doing this. In fact he is proud of it.

  • Carico would serve Grayson's children

    School board candidates in the coming election have varied views about the future direction of Grayson County Schools. Of course the public conversation is often about budgets, buildings and personnel, and Tim Carico readily acknowledges his intention and commitment to effectively address each of these concerns.
    Of all the candidates, I believe Tim Carico would best represent the needs of all the children, and that’s the real reason for our schools.
    Sidney B. Harvey
    Elk Creek


  • Herrington deserves another term

    In the race for circuit court clerk of Grayson County, the choice is clear: Susan Herrington is by far the most qualified candidate.
    As an attorney practicing in Grayson County, and someone who deals daily with this office, I can say that Susan operates one of the most efficient offices with the most courteous staff that I have the pleasure of working with.