• An atmosphere of hatred in America

    Mitt Romney said last week if Trump becomes president, it will lead to an  atmosphere of trickle-down bigotry. But the bigots are not waiting for Trump to be anointed; they’ve already started.
    Last week in Indiana, a woman and her two sons tried to drown a black youth while hurling racist insults. At numerous high school sporting events the last two months, students at mostly white schools have started a chant, “Build the wall!” when playing  schools with large Hispanic populations.

  • Crossroads leaders thank community for giving

    The Crossroads Institute leadership team and staff would like to take this opportunity to thank the individuals, families and small businesses that so graciously donated to our capital campaign fund, to date.
    A wall is being dedicated to honor our donors. These funds will be used wisely, following the needs assessment that has been made of our facility. We have partnered with Grayson National Bank to accept capital campaign donations.
    The Crossroads Institute belongs to citizens of Carroll and Grayson counties and the City of Galax.

  • America faces bleak presidential race

    This year, we the people will elect the next president of a divided nation of gutter politics, violence, racial ugliness and hatred.
    The American people continue to be subjected to some of the lowest tactics by the ones running for president. Right now, it seems it will be Donald (empire mogul) Trump and Hillary (follow the emails) Clinton.
    A few now try to figure out which bathroom to use. The woods are out there.
    God made man and woman. Not an “it.”

  • Research shows truth of climate change

    Most scientists, myself included, accept that man-made climate change is happening.
    We have seen the evidence as a result of our work in our various disciplines. The world is getting warmer no matter what any individual chooses to believe. The only responsible choices that we have are: Can we minimize the effects and can we prepare for the already irreversible consequences. If we decide to be irresponsible and ignore the scientific evidence, our lives will be much harder than if we address the issues now.

  • Thoughts from a non-partisan voter

    Vote country not party. Parties can divide. Americans strive to unite.
    See beyond the nose, not just right or left.
    The truth isn’t always politically correct.
    All lives, everywhere, matter.
    Common sense is an intrinsic part of intellect.
    Respect the law. Protest bad policy.
    A “healthy” fear of terrorism is not bigotry.
    Evaluate public’s needs vs “wants.”
    More encouragement of education and initiative vs. automatically increasing entitlements.

  • People can't assign their own gender

    Regarding the Rev. John A. Duvall’s recent letter, there is little for the Christian to commend.
    We are made in God’s image and all humans, regardless of their stage of life, ethnicity, biological gender are worthy of dignity and protection from harm.
    That’s why abortion is wrong in every circumstance, racism deplorable, and hatred toward those with confused gender identity or wrongly-directed sexual attraction inexcusable.

  • An absence of decency in Trump's campaign

    There are Trump-Pence signs throughout Southwest Virginia on the lawns of good, honest people, but given the tone of the Republican presidential campaign, it taxes credulity that anybody could support the awful Trump-Pence ticket.

  • Ross withdraws from school board race

    I am writing to let the voters of Grayson County know that I am withdrawing from the November election for the at-large seat on the Grayson County School Board.
    I want to thank everyone who has supported me and who gathered signatures to help me get on the ballot.
    I will be voting for Dr. Robert Benish and urge everyone to vote for him, also. I think he would do an excellent job for us on the school board.
    Ruth Ross

  • Before condemning, try to understand sexuality

    Whenever election time rolls around, a group of us misfits, eccentrics, free thinkers, nonconformists, and independent voters tolerate each other long enough to debate the worlds of politics, hemorrhoid remedies, power manipulation and fertilizer options.
    One of the few agreed-upon points was the fact that we, as minority voters, are not properly represented, or appreciated.

  • Dwell on the past or stumble towards future

    I am responding to the presidential debate between Clinton and Trump.
    It seems that through the whole debate it comes down to dwell in the past or stumble toward the future.
    Tax the rich is a non-starter. Of all people, Trump, a billionaire, was focusing on what most Americans are concerned about: the economy, federal deficit of $19.5 trillion, American companies going to Mexico, job losses, rules and regulations too tough on businesses to start up.
    There also was this kind of bully attitude shown during the debate.