• Readers' Hotline 1/2/12

    Spewing germs
    I was just looking at the picture of the restrooms at Carroll County High School. This is a disgrace. Anyone knows if you flush a toilet without putting the lid down first it spews germs and all kinds of dangerous stuff all over the room and coats everything in sight. This is a health hazard in itself, not counting the no stalls for privacy. I don’t know what the world is coming to. I think we are going backward instead of forward.

    Heard enough

  • Readers' Hotline 12/28/11

    Smell test
    The new convenience store in Independence is beautiful, inside and out. The best part of it is when you go in and pay for your gas and shop, you do not come out smelling like a stinking cigarette. Thank God.

    Ninth inning

  • Readers' Hotline 12/26/11

    Tide pride
    I’m calling to say I am proud of the Galax football team. They had a very great year. Even though they came up short at the end, I know they did their best, and that is all that anybody in this town can ever ask for. State runner-up is a very good honor, 14-1 is our best season ever, and overall our school has had a very good sports year. I hope everybody is proud of your Galax Maroon Tide.

    Awkward dealings

  • Readers' Hotline 12/21/11

    Invest wisely

  • Readers' Hotline 12/19/11

    Food rules
    I don’t know who came up with the ignorant rule that you can’t share food at school and throw away good food when someone else is hungry. That makes no sense. When I went to school we could share all the time, like if we didn’t like something maybe someone else did. Whoever makes these rules needs to be put out and somebody put in there that has a brain.

  • Readers' Hotline 12/14/11

    Students first

  • Readers' Hotline 12/12/11

    Old men staring
    I was reading the Hotline comment about “looked over.” I’m so sick of these people calling in about old men looking at them. They are probably just staring at the wall. They have to go some place to eat and when old men quit looking at you and staring or even glancing at you, something has to be wrong with you. As far as waitresses, they don’t want to do those old men’s laundry. And, anybody that doesn’t like the old men where they go out to eat should stay at home.

  • Readers' Hotline 12/7/11

    Rate rant
    Well, well, Appalachian Power got its rate increase. Wonder why? They give large contributions to our governor for his re-election. He had a chance to sign a bill a couple of months ago that would have helped us with our APCo bills. I don’t understand. I think everybody ought to think about the next election and kick his hind end out of there. And, along with it, get the representative, too. You know who I am talking about. Maybe we need Rick Boucher back really bad.

  • Readers' Hotline 12/5/11

    No respect

  • Connard “Buddy” Surratt, 79

    Connard “Buddy” Surratt, 79, of Barren Springs, died Monday, Nov. 28, 2011, at his home in Wythe County.

    He was born July 3, 1932, to the late Cora and Robert Surratt in Poplar Camp.