• Readers' Hotline 1/30/12

    Blame society

  • Readers' Hotline 1/25/12

    Out of my way

    When you are on your way to work on Route 89, Monday through Friday, you better just clear the road if there is a certain lady that works in a factory in Galax. I have just witnessed her pass four cars in a row simply because they get a bonus if they are not late for work. Do they get a bonus if they kill somebody on the way to work?


    Whitewashing the truth

  • Readers' Hotline 1/23/12

    Just want to say what an awesome job the Galax High School cheerleaders did on their dance at the Galax-Grayson game. Great job to the captains Kristin McMickle and Ashley Nale for choreographing the dance. You put a lot of hard work in it and it showed. Every cheerleader did an amazing job. You all represent the school extremely well. We are so proud of you all.

    Arts leader

  • Readers' Hotline 1/18/12

    No harm done
    I’m calling in response to “wrong way.” I was spanked with a switch and I turned out all right. My parents were spanked with a switch and they turned out all right. I tell you what spanking you with a switch teaches you — it teaches that you obey the first time without getting a whipping but you can go ahead and let them do anything they please, give them everything they want and then let them live like hell and that might be where they wind up. Beware.

    Do as you please

  • Readers' Hotline 1/16/12

    Deer everywhere
    Talk about all the dangers of deer. My son-in-law is a long haul truck driver. In some state away from here, he hit four at one time because he couldn’t stop and it killed every one of them. He was not hurt but he was really upset about it. These here in town are really getting to be a sight again. They are just everywhere. It is a shame because they are beautiful.

    Too late

  • Readers' Hotline 1/11/12

    Turned off
    I am so disappointed in First Baptist Church in Galax at the “no service” sign on Christmas Day. After all, wasn’t it His birthday in His house on His day?

    School news
    I was just calling to see why Galax Elementary School and Fries Middle School and elementary school rarely have their children’s awards posted in The Gazette. Is this a problem just being published or is it that someone is not putting the pictures in the paper?

  • Readers' Hotline 1/9/11

    Turned away

  • Readers' Hotline 1/4/12

    Naughty for a reason
    I just want to let everybody know I have been trying to be extra naughty this year so I would get lots of coal. I need it since APCo raised its rates again. Merry Christmas.

    East vs. West
    I live in Grayson County on the east end and I could care less what the west end gets. Every citizen in the county deserves the same, not just certain ones. I am beginning to [dislike those] people up there on the west end.

    Thanks for the warning

  • Readers' Hotline 1/2/12

    Spewing germs
    I was just looking at the picture of the restrooms at Carroll County High School. This is a disgrace. Anyone knows if you flush a toilet without putting the lid down first it spews germs and all kinds of dangerous stuff all over the room and coats everything in sight. This is a health hazard in itself, not counting the no stalls for privacy. I don’t know what the world is coming to. I think we are going backward instead of forward.

    Heard enough

  • Readers' Hotline 12/28/11

    Smell test
    The new convenience store in Independence is beautiful, inside and out. The best part of it is when you go in and pay for your gas and shop, you do not come out smelling like a stinking cigarette. Thank God.

    Ninth inning