• Readers Hotline 11/26/14

    Kid with a whistle
    I went to a game Saturday and could not believe my eyes when I saw that little kid trying to ref that game. What happened to the adult refs? They would call the games by the rules so our kids would learn how to play the game. This is ridiculous. We want our kids to learn.

    No sympathy

  • Readers Hotline 11/24/14

    Shut the lid

  • Readers Hotline 11/19/14

    Carolina got it right
    It’s a shame the Virginia voters haven’t found out the reality like the North Carolina voters did and voted out Democrats and put Republicans in power. You keep throwing good money after bad, or either the freeloaders and dead people are voting.

    Charge disputed

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  • Readers Hotline 11/12/14

    Standing tall
    I’m just watching something on TV that I cannot believe. The only coward in our country is this president. God bless Netanyahu [the prime minister of Israel]. I wish we had somebody 1/100th the man he is to run this country. How dare anybody talk about him when he is the only leader in this world trying to do something to protect his people. Not like our president.

    Same as you

  • Readers Hotline 11/10/14

    To Our Readers:

  • Readers Hotline 11/5/14

    To Our Readers:

  • Readers Hotline 11/3/14

    All about money

  • Readers Hotline 10/29/14

    I just read a comment by one of the best that flabbergasted me. This person has been sucked into believing that Obama grew up poor and living with only his mother. That is laugh out loud funny. Obama exaggerated his upbringing because he wanted people to believe he grew up in the ‘hood. He grew up pretty well to do. There wasn’t a problem of money for his family or him. Obama will go down in history as the worst president. Thank Heaven our state is rejecting Medicaid expansion. We can’t afford it.

  • Readers Hotline 10/27/14

    Asking for a fine
    I would like to invite the Galax police to sit at the corner of Glendale and Cliffview and please give tickets out to everyone who is simply either too stupid or just ignorant and will not use their turn signals when they are planning on turning to Cliffview. I believe we could probably take care of the national debt in a day if they would just sit there and write tickets.

    Isolate Ebola