• Readers Hotline 6/17/15

    After reading in the paper about Lucy Nottingham winning the teaching prize at Laurel School, I was really tickled for her. I don’t know her, but I was really tickled for her. I was talking to another lady who told me they don’t tell you this, but she has already been transferred to another school. It’s about time we let teachers that have master’s degrees do the work they are trained to do.

    Men’s mess

  • Readers Hotline 6/15/15

    Postal workings
    I was reading Mr. Morton’s [letter about] the post office. That’s just the typical company run by the government. I agree with him. That’s the reason FedEx and UPS is killing them on delivery times and pickups and everything else. You can’t expect any more out of them. They are run by the government. It’s your tax dollars at work.

  • Readers Hotline 6/10/15

    Missing in action

  • Readers Hotline 6/8/15

    Protests in history
    In the May 11 edition, a caller lamented that protests are just so sad. So sad to see a group of people protesting. If not for protesting and violent protests, we would still be a colony of England. If not for protests, we may still be mired in Vietnam. Perhaps this caller would be happier if we didn’t have the right to protest.

    Do not disturb

  • Readers Hotline 6/3/15

    Knows how to say it

  • Readers Hotline 6/1/15

    Deserving of more

  • Readers Hotline 5/27/15

    Headache music

  • Readers Hotline 5/25/15

    Supports trades class
    When I moved my family to beautiful Grayson County, I thought, “how lucky.” Now, I wonder about my children’s education. The vocational programs — building trades were great. Now gone. How about us doing something stronger. The school superintendent and school board need an overhaul. Why lose what we have?

    Republican potholes

  • Readers Hotline 5/20/15

    The right to question

  • Readers Hotline 5/18/15

    Rock around the clock
    I’d like to comment on the classic car cruise-in season that is coming up in Galax and Hillsville. Beach music is great but beach music isn’t the only kind of music. Classic car music is cruising music and that is 1950s, 60s and 70s music. Stuff like Rock around the Clock, Elvis, The Twist. Songs like that are the ones that people really want to hear. Beach music is great, but we need a live band or a deejay playing the good old rock-n-roll.