• Readers' Hotline 5/5/14

    Inspiring effort
    What a great day helping out with the “I love my mountain” trash pickup with Joy Ranch on Saturday. We had such perfect sunny weather and it was so inspiring to participate with enthusiastic families and civic groups giving time and energy to clean up our country roadways for a great cause. I look forward to next year to the annual event. Or, better yet, it would be great if people would deposit their own soda cans, beer bottles, plastic bottles, nasty cigarette butts and other waste in their own trashcans.

  • Readers' Hotline 4/30/14

    In a hurry
    This is to the person that drives a [description deleted] from Fries to Galax on Riverside every morning. If you are in such a hurry to get to work, why don’t you leave earlier? You are going to get somebody killed by passing three and four vehicles.

    Site alternative

  • Readers' Hotline 4/28/14

    Here’s your sign
    The town of Hillsville wants to rezone an entire block just to put up a sign. Here is your sign: “dumb.”

    Not enough
    I don’t understand why, if a kid gets free lunch at a city school, for all these field trips and picnics the parent has to pack the kid’s lunch. If the kid gets free lunches, then how can the parents have food at home to pack it? Why doesn’t the elementary school provide packed lunches when they go on these trips?

  • Readers' Hotline 4/23/14

    Chapter and verse
    The scripture condemning men lying with men can be found at 1 Corinthians 6:9-10.
    365 days
    I’d just like to say I don’t tell people I went to Galax schools if I don’t have to. It is weird that adults don’t know what a year is. My Galax dictionary says a period of time equal to 12 months or 365 days.

    Must earn respect

  • Readers' Hotline 4/21/14

    Cracking down
    I don’t see how the United States can say anything about President Putin in Russia. Look what the United States is doing to the ranchers here in Nevada.

    Thanks, Jeff

  • Readers' Hotline 4/16/14

    Obama is trying

  • Readers' Hotline 4/14/14

    Take safety measures

  • Readers' Hotline 4/9/14

    Employer’s fault
    This is for “did no wrong,” who lost his job because of the Affordable Healthcare Act. Said he lost his job because his employer got rid of him because of the insurance. That wasn’t insurance’s fault. That was the employer’s fault because he didn’t want to pay the employee or the insurance. Just like older people blame the new HMOs on Obamacare that came out a long time before Obamacare came out. They think it’s Obamacare insurance. People are very uneducated in this area.

  • Readers' Hotline 4/7/14

    Just stop
    I am tired of all these people whining all the time, being racist, saying stuff about aliens and all this crazy stuff. Leave people alone. If they want to be gay, they can be so. But judging them is not going to help any at all. So, please stop this crucial mess. This is the United States of America.

    Don’t burden Carroll

  • Readers' Hotline 4/2/14

    Other needs
    The Carroll County supervisors better be thinking about something else besides a swimming pool. Taxpayers do not want that. We have needs of jobs coming in for all these people that we have to keep up on welfare. They would be the only ones to use it. Try catching the dropped taxes up and get a job in here.

    Shanty town