• Readers Hotline 8/1/16

    Promote unity
    The prayer and unity service at the Galax Police Station this past Sunday [July 24] was an absolutely incredible idea. This is wonderful. I would like to see the City of Galax and surrounding counties come together and every Sunday meet in Felts Park [to] have a praise and worship service. This would be fabulous for the community to promote praise and worship, showing love and showing churches coming together.

  • Readers Hotline 7/25/16

    Clumps in the road

  • Readers Hotline 7/20/16

    Not listening
    Why don’t the authorities go ahead and tell why these people get shot. [The victims] just can’t hear or don’t listen, or if one tells them “throw that gun down” if they don’t know what to do or don’t understand. I know what to do. I’d just throw the gun down.

    Social experiment

  • Readers Hotline 7/18/16

    Follow the leader
    I just wanted to give all the local police officers a little notice. If you see me doing 80 mph in a school zone, do not pull me over and give me a ticket. After all, I am not doing this intentionally and I don’t have a willful disregard for the law. I am just in a big hurry to get to my daughter’s house. We need to talk about her wedding and yoga classes and things like that. And, officers, if you don’t understand, just go ask a prosecutor. Right now the prosecutor is meeting with my husband. She will explain it to you.

  • Readers Hotline 7/11/16

    Just calling to congratulate Galax on their Fourth of July festivities. I loved the parade being at 7 p.m. That gave us time to get stuff done around home and then drive to Galax and enjoy the parade. Then, the fireworks were really good too. Just wanted to say congratulations and thank you to whoever lined the day up.

    No payoff yet

  • Readers Hotline 7/13/16

    World’s pothole capital

  • Readers Hotline 7/6/16

    Doesn’t make sense
    I read the City of Galax is going to replace those trees they cut down on U.S. 58. I don’t understand why they want to put trees up there if the trees are causing trouble. Why would you want to cut the old ones down that are causing trouble and plant more trees in their place to cause even more trouble of the same nature? That doesn’t make any sense to me. If they are going to cut them down, they should leave them down and not plant any more.

  • Readers Hotline 7/4/16

    Scam warning
    Listen up, readers. I got four calls saying the IRS was going to start suing me if I didn’t pay up. They even left a phone number. I called the police department. They said it was a scam and if you call that number you are really in trouble. So, watch out. They are after us.
    Editor’s note: In scam warnings we’ve received, the IRS stresses that they never call taxpayers. All correspondence is by mail.

    How’s that work?

  • Readers Hotline 6/29/16

    Shut it down
    I live in the Laurel area of Carroll County. Why do we not have one of the three paid ambulances with a paramedic on duty out in Laurel?  Please Carroll County, close Laurel [volunteer rescue squad] down like you did Dugspur and Hillsville and put a paid paramedic truck in our area.


  • Readers Hotline 6/27/16

    Make an effort
    I agree with the caller in the Hotline today. It makes no sense Galax school systems do not do more to retain a coach and a great role model for our children. I think the school board needs to intervene in this situation.

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