• Readers Hotline 11/7/16

    Editor’s note: We have grouped election-related Hotline comments into today’s edition in order to get them out of the way before Tuesday’s election. Calls received about other topics will appear in the Hotline on Wednesday. If you call to react to political comments below, your call may not be published if it’s more rehash. Because when it’s over, it’s over.

    Worst mistake

  • Readers Hotline 11/2/16

    Federal spending
    Well, you stuck that Tea Party and Republican junk in and voted and look what a mess we are in now. I hope you are not thinking about still voting for a Republican after the do-nothing Congress has cut funds for veterans, teachers, nurses, doctors, schools. Anything that is important. Yet, Sen. Mitch McConnell was able to spend millions on the rich side of Kentucky for a fancy park, but that’s okay. People need to think about what they are doing. That First Lady would not be suitable either on that Republican side, if you ask me.

  • Readers Hotline 10/31/16

    Smells too sweet
    I’m calling regarding women’s perfume. I was at a public meeting and a lady wore such strong perfume, I sat across the room and I could taste it. That is too strong. That is too much to wear. Please, be more considerate of people around you and people with allergies. Think twice before applying so much perfume.

    Reasons to leave

  • Readers Hotline 10/26/16

    Not friendly
    I am calling about a male worker for the Town of Hillsville that is unfriendly. You look at him and speak and he looks at you like you are crazy. The mayor of Hillsville is very friendly but there are certain other males that are very unfriendly. Get a personality.

    Down on liars

  • Readers Hotline 10/24/16

    Political correctness

  • Readers Hotline 10/19/16

    Unfit around women

  • Readers Hotline 10/17/16

    Taco traffic
    I’m calling about the Taco Bell that’s coming to Hillsville. They really do need another fast food restaurant in Hillsville. And, I want to know how anybody will ever be able to turn in the Food Lion parking lot. It is terrible now when you go and the entrance. Tell me how it is going to handle the fast food traffic and the shopping center traffic.

    Court appointed

  • Readers Hotline 10/12/16

    Not sold on Hillary

  • Readers Hotline 10/10/16

    What a blessing
    I want to tell you about a blessing I received at Walmart last week. We were in the checkout line and the lady in front of me had paid for her groceries and she turned around and patted me on the shoulder and handed me $20 and said, “this is for you.” I want to tell her what a blessing she was for me that day and say, “May God bless you greatly.”

    Pedestrians cautioned

  • Readers Hotline 10/5/16

    Taking control