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  • Longhorns pull away from Devils

    INDEPENDENCE –– A pair of second-quarter touchdown passes from Warren Kerley boosted Johnson County, Tenn., into a 27-13 halftime lead and the Longhorns went on to defeat Grayson County 33-13 in a nonconference game Saturday at Bill Strong Field.

    Following an evenly-played first quarter that included an interception return for touchdown by each team, Johnson County (1-1) pulled away from a 14-13 lead beginning with Greg Roark’s 23-yard touchdown reception from Kerley with 8:59 left in the first half.

  • Readers Hotline 9/8/14

    Hiking the parking lot
    I’m a senior citizen, disabled. Why do all these grocery stores have plenty of handicapped parking and no shopping carts right beside of them and you have to walk — when you are really not able to do that — a good long ways to find a shopping cart? There is nothing beside the handicapped spaces. There should be something built beside of those. I just wonder if people realize this. It is very hard. One day I was trying to walk with my cane to find a shopping cart and I almost fell on the uneven pavement.

  • Hospital to renovate, add new MRI, more doctors

    Twin County Regional Healthcare has big plans for the year’s final quarter: new physicians, state-of-the-art medical equipment, paper-to-electronic filing system upgrades, and a master plan to renovate the facility’s interior design.

    In December, the hospital will have an open house to introduce the facility’s new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner, which is expected at the hospital in November.

  • EMS offers variety of career opportunities

    “When you see an ambulance parked in someone’s driveway and people are inside, and it’s not going anywhere, the paramedics aren’t lounging around in there playing a hand of cards. They’re working on the patient.”

    Galax-Grayson EMS Chief Ron Passmore would like to see some myths about what goes on in ambulances dispelled. He’d also like to see the public made aware of the local education and employment opportunities in his field.

  • McDonnell, wife found guilty of corruption charges

    RICHMOND — In a historic verdict Thursday, a federal jury convicted former Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, on felony corruption charges. It’s the first time a Virginia governor has been found guilty of crimes in office.

    Bob McDonnell was convicted on 11 of 13 counts and Maureen McDonnell on nine of 13 counts, mostly centering on their relationship with businessman Jonnie Williams, with whom they conspired to promote his diet supplement business in exchange for more than $177,000 in loans, gifts and luxury vacations.

  • 9/11 memorial service to be held in Galax

    “There were people in their homes who were terrified that this was the end of the world. I mean, this was it for us, you know? It was a scary time.”

    Stephanie Rinehart recalls her life on Sept. 11, 2001, when she was a Washington, D.C., resident.

    “Greg was actually at work near the Pentagon. It’s always been a kind of very emotional thing for us,” she said, referring to her husband. “I remember I was at home the morning it happened, and living that close to D.C., we thought we were under attack.”

  • Galax should consider new school plan carefully

    By John P. Kapp, Galax

    In most controversies there are points in favor of both sides.

    In the controversy over whether to move the elementary school to a rural residential area away from its present location and build an entirely new facility, every point is against and no valid point is in favor of doing it.

    Galax has good schools now. The schools have worked well together for many years. They can share facilities and use city‑owned recreational facilities and exercise facilities near the combined school complex.

  • With declining enrollment, now is not the time to expand city schools

    By Dr. Joseph D. Ray, Galax

    The Galax City School System is full of excellent teachers who care about kids. They work hard, countless hours to educate and guide them to become productive citizens.

    They are caring, loving, and nurturing to students and have their best interest at heart as they teach them not only academic lessons, but lessons about life.

  • Hiss-teria? Snakes reported in store

    FANCY GAP — The Dollar General store in Fancy Gap has re-opened after reports of snakes being found inside the business on Labor Day weekend resulted in the store closing for a day and a half.

    Reports on social media claimed that employees had found everything from a few rat snakes to a den of copperheads. However, representatives from the chain would not comment as to what kind or how many snakes were actually found.

  • Firefighters respond to Weddle St. blaze

    HILLSVILLE — Hillsville and Galax firefighters teamed up against a structure fire on Weddle Street in Hillsville on Wednesday afternoon.

    Fire and rescue teams were dispatched to 294 Weddle Street around 1 p.m. for a possible structure fire. On arrival, teams found heavy smoke and flames showing.

    Carroll County EMS was the first group to arrive on scene, according to Hillsville Fire Department Chief Donnie Spangler. A primary search of the residence found no signs of anyone inside the home.