Local News

  • Grayson finances improving


    INDEPENDENCE — Grayson County’s finances are improving, so much so that the county is considering reducing its line of credit — and officials are praising citizens for the upswing.
    Treasurer Junior Young presented a financial collections and condition report to the Grayson Board of Supervisors on March 10.
    Young told the board that real estate collections in 2010-11 are $2.2 million ahead of collections for the same period in 2009-10.

  • VDOT seeks federal funding for U.S. 58


  • Auction to benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation


  • Did they or didn't they? Farm tax causes confusion

    HILLSVILLE — The president of Carroll County Farm Bureau recently thanked the Carroll County board for cutting the farm equipment tax in half and a farmer said she didn't think that it was fair to the citizens — but the supervisors weren't all that sure whether they'd ever approved that action.
    Confusion became evident at a February meeting as Supervisor Sam Dickson expressed a need to correct the record about the decision that the county board had made at its January meeting.

  • Fire destroys greenhouse


    A greenhouse at Childs Farms was destroyed Friday when a trash fire spread, according to David Young of the Hillsville Fire Department. Three other greenhouses had damage, too. The fire department responded at 1:30 p.m and kept the fire from spreading into the woods. No one was hurt.

  • Governor pitches pothole patching project

    For the second consecutive year, Gov. Bob McDonnell has instructed the state highway department to commence patching potholes across Virginia as winter comes to an end.
    McDonnell’s “pothole blitz” is a coordinated campaign to fix thousands of road divots that formed this winter as a result of moisture seeping into pavement, expanding as it freezes then weakening the integrity of the roadway during thaws.
    Once compromised, the pressure of vehicle traffic on the road can cause pavement degradation that leads to potholes.

  • VDOT looks at U.S. 58's environmental impact

    The Virginia Department of Transportation is seeking public comment on three environmental documents completed for the proposed widening of 26 miles of the U.S. 58 corridor between Hillsville and Stuart.
    The documents also cover a proposed project to improve a 1.6-mile section of Virginia 669 (Springwillow Drive) between U.S. 58 and Virginia 221 in Carroll County.
    The documents were required by the National Environmental Policy Act.

  • Hillsville, Carroll sign settlement


  • Council reappoints Garland, amends school budget

    Galax City Council has reappointed Donna Garland to the Galax School Board.
    Garland, whose term was set to expire June 30, was the only one that submitted a letter of interest to the city for the board position.
    "We are, as you know, in the middle of tightening the budget, and I think it would be difficult for anyone to step into a process like this," Garland wrote in the letter of interest. "While I think we have many people in Galax who would be wonderful additions to the board, I think at this time a continuity of effort is necessary."

  • Sheriff, CenturyLink warn of phone scam

    Grayson County citizens have contacted the sheriff's office about another phone scam recently.
    Grayson Sheriff Richard Vaughan said citizens are receiving calls from local numbers, but when they answer they hear a recording about their credit directing them to press a certain number for more information.
    “Criminals are more sophisticated these days, and it is important that we get the word out to prevent anyone from becoming a victim to one of these calls,” Vaughan said.
    This kind of scam, known as “spoofing,” is not new.