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  • Legislation targets illegal immigrants


    RICHMOND — Spurred by a tough economy, the Virginia House of Delegates this week approved nearly a dozen bills intended to block Virginia’s estimated 200,000 illegal immigrants from taking scarce jobs, filling precious college seats and tapping into the strained budgets of public assistance.
    As the stack of bills demonstrates, the distractions of unemployment and foreclosure haven’t ended the debate over illegal immigration.
    They’ve only slipped it inside a new frame.

  • Extension changes on hold


  • Lyons to challenge prosecutor

    HILLSVILLE — Nathan Lyons, who's conducting a campaign to win the Republican nomination for the office of commonwealth's attorney for Carroll, said his reasons are simple.
    "It's out of a sense of service to the public and for the betterment of the community," he told The Gazette.
    Lyons recently announced his intentions to seek the nomination in the Carroll County Republican Primary in May, facing off against incumbent Greg Goad.

  • Legislators respond to governor's budget proposal


  • Grant will pay for youth health program

    TurnKey KB & Associates has sought a $56,233 grant from the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth to assess the area's youth and implement a strategic plan to improve the health of children in Carroll and Grayson counties and Galax.
    Kim Brown, owner of TurnKey, said the two-year grant was received in October. This is the second year the grant has been available and the first time the area has obtained it. Twenty-two localities obtained the grant.

  • Bill threatens DMV income in Independence


  • 2010 census likely to cost region a General Assembly seat

    The release of U.S. census data last week signaled the start of a process that will lead to a smaller voice for Southwest and Southside Virginia in making decisions for the commonwealth and for the country.
    Most of the region grew in population, but at a slower rate than Northern Virginia and other parts of the state.

  • 2010 Census: Grayson shrinks, Carroll and Galax grow

    U.S. Census 2010 data released last week shows that Carroll County and Galax grew since the last count in 2000, while Grayson County suffered one of the biggest losses of population in Virginia.
    Grayson County tied for fifth place among the largest population hemorrhages in the state.
    Grayson County had 17,917 souls at the time of the 2000 Census, and that fell to 15,533 — a loss of 2,384 people, or 13.3 percent.

  • $100 a butt?


  • Bills to slow foreclosures likely stalled

    RICHMOND — It wasn't difficult to empathize with Susan Brooking when she visited the Capitol recently to share her tale of anguish about losing her home last year in a foreclosure.
    She spoke of vain attempts to negotiate with her lender to save the homestead that had been in her family for generations.

    "I'm telling my story not just for me, but for you," said Brooking, her speech faltering as she fought back tears. "I know the emotional pain, stress, frustration and uncertainty you feel.”