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  • Trash fee called 'unethical'

    INDEPENDENCE — Two members of the Grayson County Board of Supervisors have come up with a proposed plan to eliminate the trash fee and save the taxpayers money.
    Board Chairman David Sexton, the at-large member, and John Brewer, the Providence District supervisor, unveiled the plan last week in a prepared statement.
    The statement is in line with popular speculation in Grayson that the county created the trash fee to pay off school construction and renovation debt — something the county administrator says is not entirely accurate.

  • Wired Road makes more connections

    The Wired Road is expanding its service in Galax and the Twin Counties through a variety of
    ongoing projects, Galax City Manager Keith Barker told city council on Monday.
    Through a Virginia Tobacco Commission grant, fiber was recently run to the Galax City Schools and the Crossroads Institute and each is selecting an Internet provider at this time.
    There will be additional projects with these remaining funds including some wireless service and possible additional fiber.

  • Bill would require ultrasound before abortion

    UPDATED 2/2/12:

  • Protesters rally against bills tightening Va. election laws

    RICHMOND — On a crucial day in the General Assembly for legislative measures aimed at tightening Virginia’s election laws, several hundred people joined a Capitol Square rally on Tuesday where speakers lambasted the bills, calling them thinly veiled attempts to suppress minority voting rights.
    One key measure targeted by the protesters was up for preliminary approval on the House of Delegates floor Tuesday.

  • Bills would end limit on handgun purchases

    UPDATED 2/2/12:
    House passes repeal of handgun purchase limit

    RICHMOND ― The House of Delegates passed legislation Feb. 1 to repeal Virginia’s one-per-month limit on handgun purchases, a law that has been on the books for nearly two decades.
    House Bill 940 passed by a vote of 66-32 following a brief floor debate in which an opponent of the bill argued that Virginia would again become a haven for gun runners if it allows unlimited handgun purchases.

  • Chief reports on crime in Hillsville


  • Group pushes to open Grayson prison

    YOU CAN TAKE ACTION — Download and print a copy of the prison support letter by clicking links at the end of this story. You'll also find names of General Assembly members who serve on the Senate Finance Committee and the House Appropriations Committee.

  • Bill seeks to ban teen drivers' cellphone use

    RICHMOND — Teen drivers who use cellphones while operating a vehicle can now be ticketed for that behavior if police stop them for another offense.
    A bill that cleared the Virginia Senate on Jan. 26 would tighten the restriction on cellphone use by provisional license holders, meaning authorities could stop them simply for using their phone while operating a vehicle.

  • Supervisors debate trash collection fee


    INDEPENDENCE — The Grayson County Board of Supervisors attracted a standing room only crowd at a continued meeting and work session Jan. 19.
    Citizens were interested in the fate of the trash collection fee that has been charged for the past several months.
    Newly elected chairman David Sexton thanked everyone for coming, but said no public comments would be taken at the meeting.

  • Sunday hunting ban closer to repeal

    RICHMOND — By a decisive margin, the state Senate passed legislation this afternoon that would allow Virginians to hunt on private property on Sundays.
    The Senate voted 29-11 to pass the legislation, despite objections from some rural legislators who voiced concerns that Sunday hunting would disrupt other outdoor activities and the well-being of their communities.
    The legislation still could face a tough fight in the House of Delegates, which has yet to act on any Sunday hunting legislation in this session.