Local News

  • Human remains found in well

    LAMBSBURG — After days of digging to reach the bottom of a 40-foot well in Carroll County, police confirmed on Monday that they found human remains inside.
    Law enforcement agencies converged on a spot in southern Carroll County last week to excavate a three-foot-wide, hand-dug well after a suspect in a North Carolina criminal case reported that a body was hidden there.

  • Galax to go after delinquent taxpayers

    The city will hire a legal service to assist in collecting delinquent personal property taxes, with all fees being passed on to the delinquent taxpayer, Finance Director Judy Taylor-Gallimore told Galax City Council at its July 9 meeting.
    TACS Legal Services will assist in collecting $220,000 in delinquent personal property taxes that are owned to the city. Taylor-Gallimore said the city has sent letters to delinquent taxpayers and has collected more money once taxpayers have been told that the delinquent fees will be turned over to a collection agency.

  • Carroll names new finance director

    HILLSVILLE — Carroll County announced Friday that Catherine Dalton has been named finance director for the county.
    Carroll County Administrator Gary Larrowe noted that six qualified individuals went through the rigorous interview process.

  • N.C. police searching for body in Carroll

    UPDATED 7/16: Police have just confirmed that human remains have been found in the well in Lambsburg where they have been digging since last Thursday. We are awaiting more information from Alleghany County (N.C.) Sheriff's Department.

    FROM 7/13:

    LAMBSBURG — Several law enforcement agencies from two states gathered last week off a dirt and rock road just inside southern Carroll County to excavate a hand-dug well in connection with a continuing Alleghany County, N.C., criminal investigation.

  • New Hillsville mayor to push for recycling improvements

    HILLSVILLE — After riding on a garbage truck for two days, Hillsville’s new mayor believes a more aggressive recycling program is needed.
    Both Mayor Greg Crowder and Council Member David Young rode on the back of a town trash truck Monday and Tuesday as part of a promise to get a feel for what all town workers do at their jobs.

  • Va. to stagger food stamp payouts to ease crowding

    The first of every month, about 440,000 households in the state get their monthly allotment of food stamps — now known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits — and many promptly head to their local grocery stores.
    Checkout lines can be much longer. Items such as Cheerios and broccoli can disappear from shelves. Some stores bring in extra staff.
    Only nine states do business this way.

  • Hillsville hears water bill concerns

    HILLSVILLE — Monday’s first meeting of a town council with two new members and an interim town manager got off to a smooth start, a marked contrast from the boisterous meetings of the past couple of months.
    The “new” Hillsville Town Council — three veterans and two newcomers — heard many of the same issues from citizens as the “old” council, including concerns about water billing for an apartment with multiple tenants and only one meter.

  • Green Team wants Carroll school system to cut back on waste — with video

    HILLSVILLE  — Hoping to prevent more scenes of bulldozers shoving huge piles of cardboard into the landfill, the advisors for the Carroll High Green Team want the school system as a whole to recycle more.
    Educator Brittany Scott made this request to the school board at its regular July meeting Tuesday, encouraging the elected officials to think of it as a money saver and teaching tool.

  • Youth detention center seen as outdated

    CHRISTIANSBURG — The superintendent of the New River Valley’s youth lockup is making a public case to modernize the building to address serious security, operational and legal risks.
    Joe Young said public schools and government buildings have more advanced security features than the New River Valley Juvenile Detention Home in Christiansburg, a designated maximum-security lockup for boys and girls age 7 to 17.

  • County one step closer to providing natural gas

    HILLSVILLE — With approval of an interconnectivity agreement with utility company East Tennessee Natural Gas, the Carroll County Industrial Development Authority came another step closer to bringing fuel through the pipeline and into the community.
    IDA members in May, after working with Roanoke Gas Company, found a feasible plan to tap the Patriot natural gas pipeline in order to supply the fuel to the Mohawk plant in Hillsville for the estimated cost of $1.5 to $1.8 million.