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  • Courthouse shootout play draws fire

    HILLSVILLE — Drama arising from the idea to observe the 100th anniversary of the 1912 courthouse shootout with a play isn't unexpected, says playwright Frank Levering. But he still feels the story needs to be told.
    Questions remain about where a play would be held and who would participate in the observance about the violent confrontation between members of the Allen family and Carroll officials.

  • Play traces Blue Ridge Parkway's origin

    HILLSVILLE — The bucolic origins of the Blue Ridge Parkway arise more from myth that from fact, playwright Frank Levering finds.
    When Levering put a play on the Cherry Orchard Theater's schedule, "Riders in the Sky," he admits he did so out of a sense of obligation.

  • Felts Park stage dedicated (with VIDEO)

    State and local officials gathered in front of thousands at the Galax Old Fiddlers' Convention on Saturday night to celebrate the new addition of a permanent stage constructed in Felts Park in honor of the event's 75th anniversary.

  • Fries Fiddlers' Convention begins Friday


    The 44th annual Fries Fiddlers' Convention begins Friday at 6 p.m.
    and continues Saturday at 3 p.m., beginning with the youth event.
    The convention will be held on the Fries Ball Park. Camping is available.

  • Folklorist digs deep into the origins of 'Hillbilly Music'

    There's no short answer to explain how “hillbillies” invented American music, local music historian Joe Wilson told a crowd at Chestnut Creek School of the Arts during the first of several lectures at the school.
    It's “all the pieces of the truth that fit together” — and about an hour of lecture time — that allows him to tell the story of where hillbilly music came from.



  • Backstage Pass to the Fiddlers' Convention

    It's good management, hard-working people and tons of planning that ensures the world's oldest and largest fiddlers' convention grows each year, as thousands of people pack Felts Park in Galax.  

  • HoustonFest will unite late musician's passions


    When 18-year-old banjo prodigy Houston Caldwell died in a motorcycle crash earlier this year, his loss was felt by the entire community.
    Gone too soon was a gifted musician, a born leader, a soldier, a firefighter, a brother and a son.
    But four months later, Houston's parents and friends in the traditional music world aren't mourning — they're celebrating his life by creating a legacy that unites his passions.

  • New Felts Park stage to be dedicated


    Construction crews met substantial completion of the new, permanent Felts Park stage a couple of weeks ago, and it is set to be dedicated on Saturday at 8 p.m. during the Galax Old Fiddlers' Convention. After the annual Poor Man's Dinner, which includes visits from various politicians, state representatives and local leaders at the picnic shelter at Felts Park, officials will take a tour of the new stage, which was built in celebration of the convention's 75th anniversary.

  • Fiddlers' Convention Celebrates 75 Years

    No one remembers exactly who first suggested it, as members of the Galax Moose Lodge No. 733 sat around a coal stove in the old Matthews Hardware building in 1934, brainstorming ideas for a new fundraiser.
    At some point, five words signaled the beginning of an event that has become known worldwide — “Let’s try a musical program.”