Zoning benefits the wealthy

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The Grayson County supervisors meeting Jan. 9 was a very good get-together of the millionaires versus the poor people.
The three supervisors that were in control before have gone to the happy hunting ground.
The person that referred to them as the three stooges probably needs to look longer in the mirror.
The first several people that spoke had made their fortune somewhere else, then moved here to get out of the rat race, traffic, crime. Now want to live here in peace and harmony and don’t want us to have anything.
I noticed when the millionaire spoke, some of the original people would clap to high heavens. They must have had ice pads on their hands or they would have burnt them off.
When the regular people spoke they would set there like a knot on a log.
When they get their toes stepped on they don’t like it.
John Mack Sexton