Zone Defense

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The saying goes that two heads are always better than one. Grayson leaders agree, as they seek to use three heads — their own, along with the towns of Independence and Fries — to seek acceptance into Virginia's Enterprise Zone Program.

The program provides various incentives for qualifying businesses if they create more than four jobs that pay at least 1.75 times the federal minimum wage rate and provide benefits.

Grayson County Administrator Jonathan Sweet realizes that during these tough economic times, localities must lean on each other to weather the bad times. He promised town council members that he — representing the county — would be coming regularly to meetings with ideas on how to work together, and so far he is delivering on his promise.

As we've seen in the past with local law enforcement, cooperation between various localities serves the public well and utilizes precious tax dollars to the max.

As Grayson County takes the first step towards rebuilding a "distressed county," it's encouraging to see neighbors coming together to serve the greater goal — bringing much-needed jobs to our area.