World War II soldier sought by historian

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Galax historian John Nunn is helping a French citizen find out more about a local soldier who was killed while liberating the man's village during World War II.

Alban Bagy sent an e-mail to Nunn after Bagy found Nunn's Web site, ecommunitiesonline.com/galax, while searching for information.

Nunn shared the e-mail with The Gazette in an effort to help Bagy learn more about PFC Dan J. Weatherman, who was killed in action in 1944 while fighting to take back a village from German control.

Bagy lives in Saint-Hippolyte, in the Alsace region of northeastern France. He is gathering information about the liberation of this area.

“The village was liberated on Dec. 3, 1944, by elements of the 36th 'Texas' Division, a part of the 7th U.S. Army that landed in southern France on Aug. 15th, 1944, and fought through the Rhone Valley, the Vosges Mountains and reached Alsace in late November 1944,” Bagy wrote.

He learned from the after action reports at the U.S. National Archives that two units — F and G companies of the 142nd Infantry Regiment — took part in the liberation of the village's territory.

“On Dec. 5th, 1944, just after midnight, platoons of G Company were engaged in a night attack outside the village to seize an important road junction and a brick factory near the rail station,” Bagy wrote.

“During the fights, a soldier of G Company — PFC Dan J. Weatherman, 23, from Rt. 4, Galax, Virginia — was killed in action. I am wondering if you know about this story and if you have information about this Galax citizen.”

• Anyone with information about Weatherman can call John Nunn at 233-8613 or send e-mail to john.nunn@gmail.com. Bagy can be reached at alban_bagy@hotmail.com.