Working against poverty

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With our current economic crisis, I have noticed that many churches in our area do some type of assistance program for people who live in the City of Galax.
I work at First United Methodist Church of Galax and we have a new ministry “Kid Junction,” which offers assistance for parents.
We help parents who are struggling financially in our city by providing items for their babies and children up to first and second grade. We provide a variety of clothing, hygiene care items and school supplies.
What can we do to decrease our poverty issues in Galax? Can we try to work with one another to help bring awareness to this cause?
I would like to inquire if other churches have the same type of system set up for parents or older adults. Can you provide us with a list of churches who are actively involved with helping our community on a weekly basis?
It would be great if we could work together as a community to help people who are in need of assistance. If we all work together, think of how much we could accomplish as a whole.
By ourselves we can only do so much, but together we can achieve greatness.
Please contact me at sgearheartfumcg@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Sara Gearheart
Children’s Director, First United Methodist Church