Woodlawn School gets moving

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Staff and stuff are being shifted to Carroll's middle and high schools this summer as Woodlawn prepares to close.

By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

HILLSVILLE — Carroll schools officials have advised educators and staff affected by the county’s grade reshuffling, particularly those at Woodlawn, that it’s time to get moving.
With the closing of the school steeped in history at Woodlawn, grades six and seven will join the eighth grade at what will now be called the Carroll County Middle School this fall. The ninth grade will go to Carroll County High School.
These moves come after a construction program of additions and renovations made the two facilities ready for the new grade levels they will be hosting.


Schools Superintendent Strader Blankenship spoke to the Carroll County School Board last week about grade plans and the “huge task” of moving furniture, equipment and materials over the summer.
He shared the schedule of moving staff and stuff over from Woodlawn.
“You can see that there is a plan,” the superintendent said. “You have to get some people moved before you move other people in — it is a very orchestrated event.”
Blankenship thanked the board for extending the time to make the changes by ending school a couple days early.
There’s excitement, but also apprehension, at the amount of work that has to be done over the summer. “It’s a rather daunting task,” he said.
“The CCHS field house/ ROTC building classrooms have been cleaned so we plan to move classrooms from the CCMS first into this building,” according to information about the move in the board packet. “This will give custodians at CCMS classrooms time to clean before we move items from Woodlawn.”
Materials and supplies from Woodlawn can be moved to the new middle school wing because these rooms are ready to go.
Bus drivers with time to make up will provide assistance to the Woodlawn custodians during the move.
Workers will remove multimedia smart boards from Woodlawn and reinstall them at classrooms at the high school’s field house and the middle school.
“We plan to move good items such as stoves, file cabinets, computer tables other items that CCMS and CCHS has need of to those locations,” according to the plan. “When these schools have the items they need, the other schools will be given a chance to see if there are items they might need. We will also store good items as room permits.”