Woodlawn School could be a danger

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At the Woodlawn High School meeting Jan. 23, my wife spoke regarding closing the school.
After hearing other comments, we are in agreement that the special ed children are in need of having a place to play basketball, etc.
However, as stated by my wife, when we attended a meeting with former School Superintendent [Greg] Smith and others at the school, it was stressed that the school was in dire need of repairs.
Apparently, that information has changed considerably. It now appears that we were sadly misinformed.
Everyone knows now that there are problems with the school. Floors are sinking in the restroom, brick is buckling, fire hazard in old part of building.
As pointed out in the last meeting, there are floors sinking in other areas of the school. This was made public by one of the women who said they had to put tables in an area to keep people from falling.
Children need a place to play sports, but I want it made clear that if one of them or their leader gets hurt, it should fall on the board of supervisors’ shoulders, not the county.
On the Wildwood agenda, I would like for [County Attorney James] Cornwell, [County Administrator] Larrowe or the Carroll supervisors to tell me if the land being in the flight plane is actually causing people to steer away from the area. And, if so, why are we still trying to spend money to widen the road?
It would be nice to get a direct reply to this question.
Not just hearsay.
Gleeon L. Quesenberry