A wonderful week in Hillsville

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To Carroll County and the Carroll Historical Society: thank you for a wonderful week in Carroll.
I am the great-great granddaughter of Jack Allen. My sister, Ann and our cousin, Jewel Jones (great-granddaughter of Jack Allen from Cape Cod, Mass.) and I came with some friends to see the play [during centennial events of the Carroll Courthouse shooting].
What a pleasant surprise! How that many amateurs did that and did it so well, is a wonder. Anyone who hasn’t seen it has really missed a good one.
I feel that with the play, the symposiums and the memorial services, there was a great amount of healing in Carroll County last week.
We met cousins we didn’t know before, made new friends and just had a great time.
A special thanks to Frank Levering and all the actors for a fine job. I guess the best actor for me will have to go to Sheriff Webb and his wife, since Victor Allen is a distant cousin — gotta have the loyalty there.
The actresses who played Betty and Frances Allen were outstanding. Not one actor did a bad job!
I am in high hopes that the historical society or Mr. Levering will decide to sell DVDs for this. I would buy the first one!
Thanks to Shelby Puckett! She really made us feel like we were one of the group!
Looking forward to coming back to Carroll!
Lillian Atkins