Woman wins $1 million in state lottery

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By Shannon Watkins

After selling a winning $1 million scratch-off ticket, Cockerham’s Foodmart in Galax received $10,000 from the Virginia Lottery.

“I was here when the winner came in and scratched it off,” said store manager Travis Felts. He described the winner as a regular at the Foodmart. “A lot of people talk about it. It’s helped all around – sales, gas, everything.”

District Manager Dickie Mayes recounted, “I was talking to Travis when Lance [Reynolds], who’s one of our Phillip Morris reps, came in to change out the sign on the cigarette fixtures. The sign holder is broke, it’s got a crack on it.

“I said, ‘When are you going to replace that?’ He said, ‘I hope the guys come out and do it soon.’

I said, ‘Lance, hoping is not a very good business plan. I hope I win a million dollars this week, but I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Thirty seconds later, someone showed us the winning ticket. Then Lance said, ‘There’s your million dollars!” Mayes chuckled.

The winner was a local resident who, while invited to join the ceremony, politely declined to attend and has asked not to be identified in the media. The winning ticket was a $10 “Winner Take All: Millionaire Edition.”

On Friday, Laurie Justis and Teri Robinson came from the Virginia Lottery to award the store $10,000 for selling the winning ticket.“It’s made headlines all over southwestern Virginia,” said Justis. She praised Robinson’s efforts with the region’s stores in keeping the lottery games current and stocked, and in representing the lottery in a professional and friendly manner.

The store’s reward is a retailer bonus, explained Robinson. “In Virginia, you have different levels, based on what you sell,” she explained. Bigger customer prizes result in bigger bonuses for the stores.

Mayes and Felts said that the money will likely go towards improvements for the store.