Without state numbers, school budget won't be ready soon

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Galax is still not sure how much it will get from the state, but no additional funding will be required from the city this year.

By April Wright, Reporter

At this point, only an estimate can be provided on the 2012-2013 budget, Galax Schools Superintendent Bill Sturgill told Galax City Council on Monday.
With the delays in the state adopting an official budget, Sturgill said he’s still waiting on more information from to move forward in creating a balanced budget.
So far, the schools only have the governor’s proposed budget to work with.
“There are many bills and mandates that haven’t passed,” said Sturgill, noting that certain bills will increase the schools’ various expenses. “The expenditure side is changing dramatically. This is the tougher approach to creating a budget, but right now, we have no choice.
“The budget committee has worked hard to create a balanced budget, but all I can bring is an estimate.”
Sturgill said there is a significant difference between the House, Senate and governor’s budgets. At least $13.5 million is needed to fund the system, he said.
“It’s frustrating to not have more clarity,” he said.
Sturgill said the schools may receive an approved budget by April 18. However, it could be as late as May or June.
“We feel that we will balance the budget, and we will work together to accomplish that,” said Sturgill.
Sturgill said, for the schools to balance the budget, no more support would be needed from the city than what has been provided in previous years.
“We will come forward with a request that is reasonable,” said Sturgill.