Winter Wonderland

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By Christopher Brooke, Reporter

Though roads in Carroll County got anywhere from a foot to 18 inches of snow Friday and Saturday, most incidents that state police responded to involved vehicles getting stuck in the snow, according to the authorities. The southbound lanes at Poplar Camp on Interstate 77 slowed to a stop because of tractor-trailers that couldn't make it up the hill there.


Gov. Tim Kaine declared a weather emergency, which allowed the Virginia Department of Transportation to use all available resources to deal with the snow.

"We took full advantage of that," said Bob Beasley, the Hillsville residency administrator.

VDOT hired contractors to supplement its in-house forces.

The road crews found an average of 12 to 13 inches of snow had fallen, but isolated places got as much as 18 inches, Beasley said. The mountains at Fancy Gap got socked.

"It's just the volume of this thing that's made if very difficult to handle," he said.

By Monday, roads were clear, but salt trucks were again hitting secondary roads, where snow had been compacted, with abrasives to improve tire grip.

Another impact that the weather had in Carroll County involved the delaying of the holiday care packages put together last Thursday by volunteers with the Carroll Christmas Fund.

The effort offered help, boxes full of food, coats and children's toys to 460 families this year.

Usually, the boxes would have been delivered by the Saturday after they were filled at the VFW, but this year delivery continued until Monday, said organizer Dennis Ward.

Volunteers still showed up both Saturday and Sunday, dropping off the packages, sometimes on foot, to get the job done.

"It shows you the determination and how kind these Carroll County people are," Ward said.

Volunteers worked on completing the delivery of the last 20 or so boxes on Monday.