Wilson seat could be filled early

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Grayson supervisors ask judge to appoint newly elected member a month early to vacant Wilson District seat.

By Ben Bomberger, Reporter

INDEPENDENCE – Grayson supervisors hope they have held their last meeting with a vacant seat this month after the passing of former chairman Mike Maynard this summer.
Earlier this month, Republican Glen Rosenbaum beat out Democrat Kate Irwin for the vacant Wilson District seat.

Supervisors had opted to not fill the vacancy until after the election and asked the Grayson County Circuit Court judge to wait as well, so that voters could select Maynard’s successor.
According to County Administrator Jonathan Sweet, the board had 45 days to appoint a citizen to the vacant position and then it was in the hands of the judge.
Supervisors sent a letter in August asking the judge to not appoint the position until the general election was over.
“If it’d be the pleasure of the board, I’d like to make an appeal to the court system to make the appointment for the supervisor in the Wilson District,” Supervisor John Brewer said during the meeting last week.
While it’s not guaranteed that the judge will make the appointment early and install Rosenbaum before Maynard’s term ends Dec. 31, Sweet said it certainly falls within the code, so long as Rosenbaum has met all the requirements to take office.
Chairman Kenneth Belton questioned if anyone had asked Rosenbaum if he was interested in taking the seat one month early.
“I had the pleasure of speaking to Mr. Rosenbaum and he would like to take his seat in December should the judge make that appointment,” Sexton said. “It’s my understanding that [the judge] is the only one who has the authority at this time to appoint.”
Sweet agreed, noting that the board only had 45 days after Maynard’s death to make the appointment. After that date, it falls within the powers of the circuit court.
With no further discussion, Brewer motioned to ask the judge for an early appointment. The motion was seconded by Sexton and passed unanimously.
Had supervisors appointed a replacement for Maynard earlier this summer, that person would have only held the position through Dec. 31.
The board has held off on numerous other board appointments left vacant from the passing of Maynard, waiting for the Wilson District seat to be filled.
Supervisors plan to address those vacancies during the December meeting if Rosenbaum is sworn in early.