Widner wins lifting titles

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By Staff Reports

 DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. –– Sylvatus teenager Cherokee Widner won two national championships and was the runner-up for a third title at the American Powerlifting Association’s RAW national championships.

At 14 years of age and 133 pounds, Widner was the youngest and lightest competitor and entered the 148-pound lightweight teenager division for full powerlifting, bench press single lift and deadlift single lift.

Widner squatted 203, 220.5 and 231.5 pounds, bench pressed 170 and 187.4 pounds and, nearly eight hours after the competition began, deadlifted 297.4 pounds. His bench and squat were personal bests.

After 11 hours and ten flights of lifters, Widner was crowned the APA RAW National Champion in the bench press and the deadlift and runner-up in the full powerlifting category. Widner’s squat, deadlift and bench press total of 716.3 pounds established APA Federation Virginia 13-15 year old/148-pound teenage state records.

Widner will compete in the Southern Powerlifting Federation national powerlifting championships in Knoxville on June 14 and will return to Florida in late July to compete in the APA World RAW Powerlifting Championships. The APA World format will allow him to compete in the 13-15 yr. old/148-pound category for that contest.