Why we're fighting fluoride

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To the town of Independence and Grayson County:
I'm sure many of you may be wondering why these folks from Alleghany County, N.C., would take time to come across the river and try to tell you how to run your business.
Why would they care if you do put poisonous fluoride into our water supply— what's it to them? The truth is, we are all concerned volunteers who try to provide our friends and neighbors with  information that they have not seen.
We would hope that if we were getting ready to make a mistake that would affect the lives and health of our mothers, fathers, children and grandchildren, that some of you would take the time to venture out in the cold to come and help inform us.
We could have stayed home and put our feet up and watched TV or played with the kids or grandkids.
We came with information that could help your elected representatives make an informed decision that could perhaps save an infant's life, prevent a hip fracture of an elderly person, and avoid adding a poisonous substance to tap water that you have lived without all these years.
Read the warning on your toothpaste tubes, look at the skull and crossbones on the sodium fluoride (the same class as cyanide), and do some research for your selves.
This decision will affect the lives of everyone in the community for years to come. The toxic waste, fluoride, that you don't drink, inhale or absorb through your skin when you bathe, goes down the drain and into the ground water (it doesn't break down and it doesn't go away).
So take time to make the decision for yourselves and not just let the folks from Richmond decide for you.
If you fluoridate then you'll just be another blue dot on their map. People come here for the fresh air and clean water.
Let's keep it that way.

Jerry Brooks, coordinator
People for a Clean Environment
Glade Valley, N.C.