Who to blame but ourselves?

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Do you remember when you could buy a five-pound can of coffee for $4? Now you can buy a five-pound can with two pounds and 2.5 ounces of coffee for only $7 to $9 per can.
Now that’s a good deal!
Do you remember the Pepsi Cola jingle: Pepsi Cola, that’s a lot, twice as much for a nickel, five cents, too (12 ounces). Pepsi Cola is the drink for you.
What do you pay for a can now!
Do you remember when a two-pound loaf of bread cost 30 cents? Now a one-pound loaf is $1 in the best price in town.
Who can we blame but ourselves? We voted them into office. Both Senate and House. In our federal government and our state and county governments.
I'll stop for now, but I could go on and on. Think.
George Vance