Where Were You On Sept. 11?

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Members of the “You might be from the Twin Counties...” group on Facebook recently shared some thoughts and memories about Sept. 11, 2001. Here are a few comments from Twin County natives.

Patty Anderson
“Me and mama were on our way to town. It was a beautiful morning. We were crossing the low water bridge, heard it on the radio. We stopped and cried and prayed. We didn’t have a cell phone then, so we used a pay phone, called all our family we could and just turned around and came home. It was a very horrifying day. Still, sometimes it doesn’t seem real, because it was so horrible and sad and unbelievable.
God Bless America.”

H.C. Anderson
“I was working at Bridle Creek School. We saw a large cargo plane turn right in front of the school. We turned on the TV just in time to see the second plane fly into the World Trade Center. It was very scary!”

John Nunn
“I was laying the bed at home after having a knee operation the day before in Winston. I was doing some leg flexing when my wife, Mariah, told me to cut the TV on. I did and saw the second plane fly into the building. I really never thought much about the knee throughout the rest of the day.”

Shirley McNeil
“I was watching the Today Show with my husband it was a sad day.”

Charmaine Elledge
“Working for TCRHH and we were all glued to the TV set. Devastated!”

Sherry Porter Bailey
“I was going past Country Convenience Store. I went to Midway Baptist Church parking lot and prayed and listened to it on the radio.”

Debra Underwood Littreal
“I got ready to go to the store and decided to have one more cup of coffee. Sat down to watch the Today Show and a plane flew into the tower. Didn’t make it to Walmart. Couldn’t take my eyes off the TV after that.”

Susan Phipps Gibson
“At work in Murrells Inlet at the Cracker Barrel. My co-worker’s husband called her and told her the news. Everyone was in shock.”

Regina Short Combs
“I was living in Westfield, N.C. I couldn't believe my eyes when I turned the TV on.”

Lois E. Akers
“I was working at T.G. Vaughan and wanted to leave to be with my family.”

Pat Woods
“Never forget the lives that were lost that day and give thanks for our freedom. And thanks to our peacekeepers who are making sure we are safe.”

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