What A Relief

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Helping the elderly — especially those on fixed incomes — is something to be commended, even as Grayson County leaders prepare to ask taxpayers to sacrifice more to pay the bills.

Grayson supervisors are looking to increase the personal property and real estate tax rates, raise the cost of county decals and begin charging a fee for garbage collection, but they are concerned about the elderly.

Grayson Commissioner of Revenue Larry Bolt expressed that concern to the board during a meeting May 19. He worried that those eligible for the Tax Relief Program would have a hard time paying the proposed $3-per-week fee for trash pickup.

Incoming County Administrator Jonathan Sweet notified the board that an exemption to the ordinance could be drawn up to forgive most of that fee for those who can't afford it.

Supervisors liked the idea and plan to move forward with the exemption.

The county has roughly 270 residents eligible for tax relief, who now may also be eligible to have at least a portion of their garbage fee excused.

The move is the right one for Grayson, although the extra money would help with the large gap between growing expenditures and decreasing revenues.

While the county will lose roughly $42,000, depending on how much they forgive, they are showing those struggling in the county that they are on their side.

Times are tough and money is hard to come by. Its nice to see a local government overlooking the lost income and realizing how much they are helping those in need.