What has GOP done for Southwest Virginia?

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Well it’s fall again, and the leaves are turning, walnuts are falling, and the GOP is out telling all the people of Southwest Virginia how much they are going to help them and love them.
They talk jobs, but where are they over the years the area has voted GOP?
The prison in Grayson actually began on our last Democratic representative’s watch, and the training center closings are under a Republican governor.
They talk education, but want to undermine the public education system and insult our teachers. I also remind folks that Virginia’s Standards of Learning tests began under a governor named Allen and continued under a Gilmore.
Now, some in the GOP are against SOLs and No Child Left Behind, which the GOP made happen.
Their key word is usually “privatize.” They promise lower taxes, but in order to get them they take food from kids, education suffers, Medicare and Social Security are threatened by cuts or outsourcing, our public services (fire, police, etc.) suffer because you can’t have all you want without paying for it.
They talk business environment and take Rolex watches and trips.
And what they don’t talk about and hide is their opposition to equal pay for women, equal rights for all citizens, voting rights, and personal choice about women’s bodies.
They throw their three big buzz words out annually and prey on closed minds and bigotry.
So go ahead, Southwest Virginia, cut your foot off to spite yourself and put the GOP back in office. They will take all their friends into power positions, and Virginia will end up like our neighbors to the south, with worse gerrymandered districts allowing for many persons of poor scruples to be elected over and over again.
Then it will be like now, where our Salem representative is hardly ever seen in this area, but he sends his employees to assure you how much he cares.
Douglas M. Smith