We are living in a violent society

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In dedication and in memory of a sheriff in West Virginia and a 35-year veteran of the Virginia State Police who were brutally killed while sitting in their patrol cars.
In our violent society, losers continue to take lives of the ones who protect and serve the public. If this isn’t bad enough, an evil heart is now going after court officials and firefighters.
The scumbags of the earth who don’t have a life. They live in misery and have respect for nothing. They take their spite out on authorities, children and elderly.
What words can be said to the ones that have lost a family member due to violence? The tears, pain and grief tear at the heart.
As 2013 moves on, so does the death toll rise because of thugs, hooligans and hardened criminals poking in the eye of the rule of law and order.
The powers that be are the most dysfunctional bunch of clowns ever. Politics is, and always will be, dirty. Our great country continues to suffer from a government in limbo.
When one hears this talk about gun control, violence, getting to the root of a problem that plagues our society, it is a heartless cruel hand that sheds innocent blood.
We must help the mentally ill. But some try to excuse it for murder. There is no medicine in the world for downright meanness. Only if the Lord enters one’s heart can a true change be made.
Remembering my buddy Houston Caldwell, a kind, decent and caring soul who had a good heart. Remember HoustonFest, May 3-4, in Felts Park.
Mitchell Robinson