Watching over us downtown

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This is to the woman that called the Hotline to complain about "the large man" sitting in his window in downtown Galax [who she alleged made inappropriate comments].
For your information, his name is Big Al and we love him. We have been working at a reputable downtown business for six and seven years now. We find it comforting that Big Al is there when we come in early mornings and leave late nights.
We have never heard him utter one word that was offensive or not positive in any way. He even calls our business and tells us if we have left our lights on or if anything looks suspicious in the parking lot.
We find it also comforting when we walk to the Dumpster late at night, which is in the upper lot in the dark corner, where there is no street light.
As to your question, "What will he do next?" — he will probably brighten someone's day by saying good morning and calling them by name. He may even stop a burglary or a theft of some kind.
Shame on you!
We not only work downtown, we live downtown. Big Al is a friend and neighbor. He is probably more respectable than you are.
If it bothers you that much, there is another parking lot on West Grayson Street across from other reputable businesses. Use it.
We love you, Big Al! Keep doing what you do.

Denise Brown, Sarina Johnson, Ada Milby and Renea Milby