Waddell praised for theater guild work

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Jim and I, as Carol Waddell’s two sons, so much wish we could be in Galax to join our mother in her well-deserved recognition for her years of work in establishing and helping grow and nurture the Galax Theatre Guild.
Since it is said that nothing is truly work if you enjoy it, her efforts might be better termed a labor of love.
It was then a love that greatly benefited not only those who yearned for an outlet for their creativity or a voice for their spirit and music, but it has been a love that was to the ultimate enrichment of our mountain community.
During the years, many witnessed performances of the Galax Theatre Guild, and outsiders were all astonished at the level of professionalism and talent in its productions.
It makes us very proud that our mother was the spark that lit that flame which still burns today.
So many of our friends, classmates and colleagues laughed, cried and rejoiced at productions of the Music Man, South Pacific, Children’s Theatre and other shows too numerous to mention.
Congratulations, Mom, on a job well done. You deserve the accolades!
Joe Steffen, Jr.
Savannah, Ga.